Friday, March 30, 2012

In Cinemas This Weekend: Wallace and Gromit crossed with Pirates Of The Caribbean

Another limited release schedule this week. Perhaps another ploy to kick the Titans series off the ground after the poor first movie a few years ago. A mere 2 films to be released this week so have a look decide what seems better, or just do the right thing and go see The Hunger Games, and if you've already seen it, see it again!

1. First up is the Wallace and Gromit version of Jack Sparrow: THE PIRATES: IN AN ADVENTURE WITH SCIENTISTS! You will have to forgive the lame title which is supposed to draw audiences with its absurdity. The film is about a Pirate on a quest to defeat his rivals in order to win the Pirate of the Year award. The quest takes him too the streets of Victorian London, where he gains help from a team of scientists. Starring: Hugh Grant, Salma Hayek, Jeremy Piven & Brendan Gleeson. Something absurd?

2. Secondy, and finally, we have the sequel in the Titans series, WRATH OF THE TITANS. Sam Worthington returns as the half-man half-God, Perseus. He must save his Father, Zeus who has been captured by Ares, meaning he has to do battle with the angered Titans, who Ares has released onto the world. Also starring: Liam Neeson, Rosamund Pike & Ralph Fiennes. Feel the wrath?

That is all we have this weekend, and granted I can understand if neither make you run to the cinema. If that the case like I said before: go see The Hunger Games!!!

Thursday, March 29, 2012

HELLRAISER movie review


Starring: Andrew Robinson, Clare Higgins, Ashley Laurence, Sean Chapman

Running time: 94 minutes

Year: 1987

Directed By: Clive Barker

Written By: Clive Barker

I remember the first time I saw the poster for this film. It was in a friend's bedroom and it had the scariest looking person plastered across the middle of it. This person was the notorious Pinhead. Written underneath his white, bald, nail impaled head was the title Hellraiser. I decided then that this was a film I would never dare watch. Recently however I decided that I should give this a chance as it is classed as a horror classic. I have to say I wish I had stuck to my original instinct and never actually watched this film. Not because it's scary but because it is dreadful.

The film follows four characters. To start with we see Frank (Chapman), a pleasure seeker who obtains a box. Once he solves the puzzle on the box he is transported to hell where he is put through ultimate pain by the Cybernites. After his pain he manages to escape and ends up being imbedded in the floor boards of his old family home.

Next we see couple Larry and Julia. Larry is Frank's brother and Julia is his girlfriend who once had an affair with Frank, something she can't stop fantasising about. The couple decide to move into this now abandoned house and whilst there Larry cuts himself, spilling the blood on the floorboards in the attic. The blood brings Frank back to life, but not completely human, just enough to be seen. As Frank begins to be reformed Julia notices him and her arousal towards him comes rushing back despite the state he is in. Soon it becomes clear that the more blood Frank receives, the more he re-forms. Due to Julia's infatuation with him she brings men back to the house with the promise of sex, only to kill them and allow Frank to take the blood.

The final character is Larry's daughter Kirsty, who dislikes her new mother-in-law Julia and stumbles across her Uncle Frank as he is regenerating. We get some feeling from his intimidation towards her that perhaps he raped her or fathered her, either way he forces her to run away with the box, and accidentally call the Cybernites. Pinhead then turns up trying to take her away to inflict some pain but she tries to strike a deal with them and deliver Frank back to them.

Each part of the film seems to follow a different character and to be fair I didn't care about any of them what so ever. I think half of the problem with that was the considerably terrible acting that was on show. It really was bad. Each character also seems to be really miserable, with no joy in their lives at all, meaning they were so one dimensional it wasn't believable.

The horror of it was also non-existent. Now I'm not saying horrors are particularly realistic but this one was beyond stupid. Fair enough Freddy Kruger and Michael Myers are not realistic, but I bought into their world and they were frightening. Here we got monsters that looked like puppets, and Cybernites that were nowhere near as scary as I was expecting them to be. The poster of them was far scarier. This film, considering the puppet like monsters and Ashley Laurence's striking resemblance to Winona Ryder, was like watching Beetlejuice, without the comedy of course.

I'll move onto Pinhead, whose image alone was the sole reason I watched this film. Let me tell you now Pinhead is barely in it. The fact that he has become a horror icon because of this is ridiculous because he isn't scary, has no screen time, pops up at strange moments when the story felt it needed something scary, and has an actor playing him so poorly that his lines would have been delivered better by the talking clock. Pinhead does not deserve to be an icon due to this movie.

Everything about this film is bad. It isn't a patch on Halloween, Friday the 13th, A Nightmare On Elm Street or, to an extent, Candyman. And they were all made before this and done everything horror films should do. Maybe they were trying to do something different here but it purely did not work. Horror fans love this movie, and for some reason put it on a pedestal but I can't understand why. This was certainly not the scary horror movie, with the scary horror icon that I was expecting.

1 / 5


Next film to be reviewed: THE MOTORCYCLE DIARIES

NEWS - The Hunger Games; third biggest opening weekend ever.

The main news that has been sprouting up this week so far has been that The Hunger Games has secured the third biggest opening weekend on record. Falling just behind Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows Part 2 and The Dark Knight. It is however the highest non-sequel film which was currently held by Alice In Wonderland and the highest ever outside of the summer release season. Quite a start for the highly anticipated film. Another great thing is that it beat those Twilight movies in highest grossing stakes as well. Fantastic!

If you haven't seen it yet I suggest you get out there and see it. It is very good, so don't let anything about it put you off. The figures of its opening weekend alone show that it is already hugely popular.

1. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallow Part 2 - $169.2 million
2. The Dark Knight - $158.4 million
3. The Hunger Games - $155 million
4. Alice In Wonderland - $116.1 million

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

BLADE RUNNER movie review

Blade Runner

Starring: Harrison Ford, Rutger Hauer, Sean Young, Edward James Olmos

Running time: 117 minutes

Year: 1982

Directed By: Ridley Scott

Written By: Hampton Fancher & David Webb Peoples

Blade Runner is a film I had grown up hearing so much about, but one that I had never actually watched. It is a film that is often called the most inspirational and I hear it changed sci-fi movies for the better. Due to this I thought it was about time to sit down and watch it.

Harrison Ford plays Deckard, a cop in Los Angeles in 2019. LA is now entirely futuristic, which back in 1982 you may have presumed it would be but today you will see how away from the mark it is. It is home to giant billboards advertising anything and everything. A dark, gloomy, and wet atmosphere heavily influenced by the Japanese, and above all flying cars. To be fair some of it was right on the money. Deckard is a cop known as a blade runner. A blade runner is a certain unit that hunts down replicants (artificial humans) that were created for off-world work. Every now and again replicants go missing and blade runners must stop them and retire them. Deckard is brought out of his own retirement to hunt down six replicants who have escaped and are on Earth searching for their maker in order to prolong their life. Due to replicants growing emotion over time, each has a life span of four years, however when these replicants realise this they head to meet their creator and keep themselves alive. Deckard must stop them before they get too far, unfortunately for him he meets one of these replicants and falls in love with her. Does he retire her?

All of that is generally the back story and what you need to know to understand the basis of the film. Really the film is about Deckard hunting the replicants and falling in love. For those of you that have seen it you will understand what I am about to say, it isn't really about any of that. It is full of philosophical issues that will have you thinking after the film has finished. When this film was first released it wasn't well received and people have taken to it after numerous viewings and discussion. Believe me you must have to watch it more than once because I've seen it once and it is really dull. That may cause unrest with people but I have to say I didn't think much to it. I understand the philosophical views hidden deep but I don't see how that makes it a good movie. There is no real story. The themes could have still been explored with more going on but it was just a lot of sitting around and not doing much. It really wasn't what I was expecting. For starters the villain doesn't really show up till over an hour in, so far into it that I forgot there was even a bad guy. The love scenes didn't work as the characters weren't believable, I understand after reading discussions why that might be, but that isn't good for the average movie goer that wants to leave the cinema happy and finished with it. Not everyone likes to research into the movie. I can really see why it has taken time to be a cult film as it has given people time to put forward their theories which people will then relate to it on another viewing. I'm sorry but I don't get it.

I can however understand why it has influenced so much. The visuals alone are stunning, and the fact it was made twenty years ago is not noticeable. If it was released in cinemas tomorrow you would not have known it was made two decades ago. The production design completely outshines any story within this film. I can also see the influence within the philosophical themes and how they have opened up many questions. Are replicants human if they believe they are? In the film they are implanted with memories to make them believe they are real, but are they real if their memories aren't actually theirs? I get that these questions are well explored, and I do like to see this in a film, but I was not hooked on the story. It never really drew me in and I was waiting for the action to kick off and it never did. It was so disappointing. It does have brilliant things about it but the entire outcome of the film is completely dull. Hopefully over time I may come to like it and understand it more. Maybe I don't like it because I don't get it and maybe that is the problem. I'm sure people will completely disagree with this but something more had to grab my attention and it didn't.

The look of the film is the top draw of this movie. It looks absolutely fascinating, and I would say to watch it just to see how good it is. The acting is generally ok but nothing great. To be fair the characters were so dull that they had little to work with, although some are replicants so that could make sense. The love story is really forced and I never believed it. However there can be an explanation for all of this..... This could be a spoiler, but then again after watching it you'll realise it is not. Six replicants escape, we only ever meet five! Have a watch and you might understand why the movie is why it is.

2 / 5


Next film to review: HELLRAISER

QUESTION: What is the best movie franchise adapted from a book series?

With looking at the recent release of the first film of the next huge book to movie franchise, I want to ask what is the best book to movie franchise so far. There have been a lot of films adapted from books, many with mixed reviews between film and book lovers. For an entire book series to be adapted with each book getting it's own film, is somewhat of a credit to the original author. So let me know what you think is the best movie franchise adapted from a book series?

1. HARRY POTTER - The franchise spawned 9 movies, introducing the world to a new batch of child actors, mixed with some excellent veterans that really brought the books to life.

2. LORD OF THE RINGS - 3 majorly long books made into 3 majorly long movies, although some would argue 1 overly long film. Some excellent acting talent in these, all fighting for screen time. The series has now spun off onto the Hobbit books, after the ring was so successful.

3. THE CHRONICLES OF NARNIA - The famous Lion, Witch and Wardrobe has been adapted here, along with two sequels. The franchise was loved by some and hated by others but the film managed to secure a voice only role for Liam Neeson, so surely that has to be a winner.

4. THE GIRL WITH THE DRAGON TATTOO - Recently been released in the US, but the original came out from Sweden. The films were such a hit that Hollywood had to snap them up with both hands. Although failing to reach it's target, Hollywood would most likely make the sequels with a smaller budget. The trilogy also introduced us to Noomi Rapace.

5. TWILIGHT - The saga of young love, interrupted by vampires and werewolves. Teenage female fans would bite the filmmakers hands off to continue this franchise forever, however I'm sure most others would bite them just so they would stop.

These are five options but there are many more out there that could have been added. If you feel the need add them in the comments below.

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

New on DVD this week: Puss In Boots

Lots of new releases hitting shelves this week. I was in my top 3 of the year and one was in my worst 5. I won't tell them what they are and instead go out and rent some of these and decided for yourself. I've seen about 50% of these releases and it is quite a strong week for new DVD's. Although if you had to pick one I'd go for 50/50. Oop did I give it away!

PUSS IN BOOTS - Spin off to the popular Shrek franchise. The story chronicles the life of Puss and how he became an outlaw in his town and caused an enemy for life in old friend Humpty Alexander Dumpty.

Puss In Boots trailer

THE THING - Prequel, remake or reboot of the old time classic by John Carpenter. A group of scientists go out to the Antartic to identify an unknown alien being. The being escapes and can shape shift into the people at the base. Anyone could be the being and you'll only know when the last one is standing.

The Thing trailer

HAPPY FEET TWO - In the sequel Mumble son, Erik, is struggling to realise his talents in the Emperor World, whilst their family and friends discover a new threat to their world.

Happy Feet Two trailer

THE AWAKENING - A hoax exposer is requested at a stately children's home once the children announce that they are seeing ghosts. Is it a hoax or is something spooky going on?

The Awakening trailer

JUSTICE - A hidden group offer a man revenge on the man who assaulted his wife. However after he agrees and the deed is done, he is lured into a 'favour' he now owes them, to kill the former client or they will come after him.

Justice trailer

50/50 - The story of a twenty seven year old man who is diagnosed with cancer, giving him a 50/50 chance to live. He turns to his best friend to pull him through as his life slowly begins to fall apart.

 50/50 trailer

THE BIG YEAR - Three friends who want to do something with their lives, head across the world in search of a record breaking bird during a bird spotting competition.

The Big Year trailer

Monday, March 26, 2012

THE HUNGER GAMES - Wipes Twilight off the map.

This weekend we were some of the many that headed to the cinema to watch the biggest release of the year so far, The Hunger Games. A film that has been eagerly anticipated by many. At first I was a little dubious as I though this was going to be another franchise like the Twilight saga and the Harry Potter series. I can safely say however that it is much better than both of these. I was never a huge fan of the these films and was skeptical about The Hunger Games on first knowledge of it, but the trailer eventually hooked me in and I am so glad that it did.

If people don't know, the film follows Katniss Everdeen, a brilliant Jennifer Lawrence, who volunteers to take part in the annual Hunger Games in place of her younger sister. The Hunger Games consists of 24 teenagers being sent into a pit to fight to the death. 24 go in, 1 comes out, and all of this to please an entertainment craving totalitarian future society, a theme that is explored brilliantly. Many have compared this to The Running Man or Battle Royale but I thought this took it down a completely different route, especially considering the battle consists of kids. It gives you an automatic sympathy with them.

The film seems to be split in two parts. The first is the set up to the games and the second is the game itself. Surprisingly it was the first half that was my favourite. The first half showcases all the great acting talent on show, and it definitely is brilliant. Stanley Tucci, Woody Harrelson, Lenny Kravitz and Elizabeth Banks (when she's unrecognisable she's good) are all great in their supporting roles, a great moment is between Kravitz and Lawrence moments before the games begin. All do the job they need to do but don't take any of the gloss or shine off our leads, Jennifer Lawrence and Josh Hutcherson, who are brilliant. In this first half we see them preparing for the game. They train in front of sponsors in order to impress and gain help within the game. Here we get to meet the enemies for when the game commences, all seeming to be more talented in the death fighting department. This section gets you hooked in, the costumes, the acting, the intrigue sets you up for what should be a great watch when the games commence, however I was gutted when the game began as I wanted to see more of the costumes and more of the great acting; also of the growing confrontation between the two leads.

The second half is purely the game and it starts strong, unfortunately however it does dip, something the first half didn't do. We see Katniss run up a tree to hide, come down, get chased and climb another tree to hide. I'd seen that and wanted to see something more. The games begins with a bloodbath but it instantly slows up and we are left waiting for the next rush. When the violence kicks in it is well worth it and it is what you are all waiting for, however during the game many out of the ordinary things take place, such as one contestant painting themselves as a rock and hiding, could have been a good idea if he had a mirror!! This was the sort of thing that took place and annoyed me, something that didn't happen in the first act.

Having said that this film is great. It is without a doubt the best film of the year so far. So much of it is good, and the negative is mere picky points on my behalf. The first half alone is brilliant, despite a difficult to watch opening due to a hideously shaky camera, and the second was good. I just feel it could have been even better. So much is good with the film; Jennifer Lawrence is absolutely great, and also plays the role with a large sex appeal, something me and the girlfriend both noticed!! She was already on to great things but this will be her springboard. I do hope sequels are being prepared but do hope they don't ruin what could be a fantastic trilogy. Watch The Hunger Games not many will be disappointed.

Pros: The acting, the costumes, the production design; everything bar the slight negatives.

Cons: The use of shaky cam and the few niggles during the game itself.

8 / 10

Top 10 of 2012 so far:

1. The Hunger Games     8 / 10
2. 21 Jump Street     7.5 / 10
3. Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol     7 / 10
4. The Grey     7 / 10
5. Safe House     6 / 10
6. The Raven     6 / 10
7. Man On A Ledge     5 / 10
8. This Means War     5 / 10
9. J. Edgar     4.5 / 10
10. The Iron Lady     4.5 / 10

Friday, March 23, 2012

In Cinema's This Weekend: The next movie phenomenon.

Not many films released in cinema's this weekend. I'm sure there is a reasonable solution for this, and that is because of the release of The Hunger Games, a film that is going to be so HUGE. Many will say it is just the next Twilight but from the positive reviews it has had so far I can see it becoming even bigger. Perhaps other films wouldn't have a chance this weekend so that's why only a few mainstream films released. Have a look at them below but I'm sure you will all see just the one.

1. As mentioned above, the big release of the week is THE HUNGER GAMES. Jennifer Lawrence stars as Katniss, a girl who volunteers, at the expense of her younger sister, to compete in the district Hunger Games. This involves 12 teenagers being sent into the forest and must evade death from each other or hidden threats. One must come out who will it be? It already sounds brilliant!! Also starring: Josh Hutcherson, Liam Hemsworth & Stanley Tucci. Will the games change you?

2. Attempting to compete is Navy SEAL drama, starring real life Navy SEAL's, ACT OF VALOR. The SEAL's are sent on a covert mission to rescue a kidnapped CIA agent. The film stars real life SEAL's so the action must be very realistic, as seen from their eyes. Starring: Alex Veadov, Roselyn Sanchez, Nestor Serrano & Alexander Asefa. Realistic war drama?

3. Finally we have English drama, WILD BILL. Starring Charlie Creed Miles as Bill who is finally released on parole after eight years inside. When he returns home he finds his two teenage boys fending for themselves after their Mother abandoned them. The boys are uninterested in their Father's return, especially since they have learnt to fend for themselves, meaning Bill doesn't have to be a Father to them. However his return alerts the social service to their situation and the boys blackmail Bill to be their Father so they won't go into care. Also starring: Will Poulter, Liz White & Sammy Williams. Support the English drama?

There are the minimal films being released this week. Despite Act Of Valor and Wild Bill both looking good, I can't see passed The Hunger Games as the movie that will attract all the audiences. I'm sure it is what I will be seeing so read my review on Monday.

Thursday, March 22, 2012

ASSAULT ON PRECINCT 13 movie review

Assault On Precinct 13

Starring: Ethan Hawke, Laurence Fishburne, Gabriel Byrne, Maria Bello.

Running time:  109 minutes

Year: 2005

Directed By: Jean-Francois Richet

Written By: James DeMonaco

 Many John Carpenter films seem to be getting the remake treatment now days. Recently we have had the remake of The Thing. A not so great movie that apparently is not a patch on the original (I wouldn't know I haven't seen it). In the last few years we have also had the Halloween remake, which again was not a patch on the original (this one I have seen). The Assault On Precinct 13 remake was released a few years before both of these and by all accounts is yet another John Carpenter remake that has gone horribly wrong (again I have not seen the original of this).

We start the film with a drug addicted Ethan Hawke, motor mouthing his way through a potential drug deal. Expectantly the deal goes awry and we find out that Hawke is in fact a cop undercover. The mission goes horribly wrong and through his call, his two team members are killed. Eight months later and Hawke is having psychological difficulties because of the incident, and finds himself working in a run-down Precinct behind a desk. Hawke is called in to work on New Year's Eve, along with other officers who are unhappy about working this night. Hawke looks at it as an easy shift considering the Precinct is to shut down at midnight and that he is having a meeting with his sexy psychiatrist, Maria Bello.

Elsewhere cop killer Marion Bishop (Fishburne) has been arrested and is being transported out of town, along with some petty criminals, however the snow storm is causing the driver problems, and he is forced to stop at Precinct 13 for the night, much to Hawke's disapproval.

With the prisoners locked up, Hawke gets an unexpected guest; his sexy psychiatrist. She turns up after being stranded in the snow ever since she left him earlier in the day. Something may cheer him up after all. His slight cheer is short lived though, as two men break into the precinct and Hawke and his cops engage in a shoot out, forcing their intruders out. The only explanation they have for this is that it is Bishop's men come to break him out of prison.

Whilst a large team set up outside, Hawke assembles his cops ready to fight back, but when he wrestles with an intruder one on one he finds out the man is a cop. Turns out the people on the outside are corrupt cops bent on killing Bishop so he can't point them out in court. This means everyone inside will have to be killed in order to keep all these cops from going to jail. What plays out is a large force of cops attempting to bust into a tiny precinct protected by a handful of local cops and a handful of prisoners, meaning tension hits high inside the precinct especially between Hawke and Fishburne.

The plot of the film is something we have all seen before. Something that you are willing to watch when you need an easy action flick to keep you occupied. What we have here is a full film of continuous shoot outs, all involving pretty horrible shooters. For starters we have a man hiding behind a bus, shooting in front of him, failing to hit two men who are wide open, but somehow as these two men run from the fire, they manage to shoot behind them and take this man out.  From this moment on I was expecting something silly. Next we have Hawke standing with a semi-automatic weapon, five men lined up in front of him and he misses them all. Some cop he is. There are also sniper's who line up shots, only to miss them when they pull the trigger. These guys are supposed to be cops and they can't hit a target. As you can see the shoot outs become a little silly, and they are the only thing that keeps this film entertaining.

Ethan Hawke played his role very well in the film. The opening scene alone was strong and I only wish the film remained like that. Fishburne was delivering his lines in a sleazy way which was very off putting. Ever since his role as Morpheus in The Matrix I've found it very hard to believe him as anyone else. Gabriel Byrne has very little to do and is just a very generic, one-dimensional action flick character.

The sense I got from the film was that it wanted to be Die Hard. From the snowy exterior, to the Christmassy soundtrack all I kept thinking was Die Hard. I was just waiting for John McClane to make a dirty vested cameo. The film is very average but watchable for an action junkie.

I think I need to sit down and watch all of John Carpenter's work as by the sounds of it not one of the remakes is anywhere near as good as the originals. All I have heard is excellent things about Carpenter films and perhaps I should take people's word for it. By all accounts the original of Assault On Precinct 13 is far better and I recommend that you only watch this version if you can't get your hands on that.

2.5 / 5


Next film to review: BLADE RUNNER

NEWS - Stan Lee talks new Marvel movies and cameos.

In a build up to the soon to be released Avengers Assemble, Stan Lee has stepped forward and spoken about his upcoming cameos in Avengers Assemble, The Amazing Spiderman and Iron Man 3. As we all know Mr Lee generally makes cameos in the Marvel films, regardless of how good they are. In an interview with Total Film he speaks of his cameos and tells us what we can expect.

“The Avengers cameo that you will see, when that movie opens up, is possibly one of my best,” says Lee. “And you know how good mine have been, but it is so funny. I can’t tell you what it is ‘cause they’d kill me, but it is funny.” 

“So is the Spider-Man one, by the way,” he continues. “They’re deciding to make my cameos a little funnier. They know that’s what brings the audiences in, of course, so they’ve gotta play them up.”

As for Iron Man 3, that one has yet to be shot, but Lee explains that he has to be ready and waiting at the drop of a hat…

“It’s almost scary ‘cause they just give me a date,” he says. “They’ll say, Stan, come over next Thursday for your cameo,’ but they don’t tell me what it is. So, I show up and they say, ‘Go to wardrobe.’ I don’t know what is expected of me, until I get there, but of course, I do it magnificently.” 

Sounds like Mr Lee is being slightly modest. I'm sure many will be attempting to pick him out in his up-coming cameos, and you can see Avengers Assemble from 26th April and The Amazing Spiderman from 2nd July. As of yet Iron Man 3 has not begun shooting, so fair play to Stan for bigging himself up and fair play to Marvel for getting us more excited about Avengers Assemble, not because Stan Lee's in it of course but just because it looks so damn good.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

QUESTION: Who is the best comedic cop partnership?

In light of the recent release of 21 Jump Street I thought I'd find out who is the  best comedy cop duo prior to this film. Tatum and Hill have raised a bar here and if the franchise continues they could be the next main comedy duo. Of course there were others before, so below I've picked 5 to look at but if there are others you think then let us know in the comments below. So who is the best comedic cop partnership?

LAWRY/BURNETT (Bad Boys)- Will Smith and Martin Lawrence show great chemistry as they bicker constantly on screen, all at the same time as dodging bullets, flying cars and an angry boss. It is an action film but the lead partnership make it lighthearted.

RIGGS/MURTAUGH (Lethal Weapon) - Mel Gibson and Danny Glover form one of the original great cop duos. Again it is another action film but their chemistry also gives it a slightly lighthearted film. The franchise spawned 4 films and fans were calling more from the duo.

GAMBLE/HOITZ (The Other Guys) - A mismatched duo in Will Ferrell and Mark Wahlberg. Ferrell continues to do what he does best but the inclusion of Wahlberg really was the screen stealer. The pair show opposite personalities in a turbulent partnership. The tuna vs lion argument gets them on the list alone.

LEE/CARTER (Rush Hour) - Jackie Chan and Chris Tucker show a duo from different nationalities. One being the wise cracking foul mouth and one being the foreigner unaware what is going on. Of course as the franchise goes on their roles change to even funnier extent.

STARSKY/HUTCH (Starsky And Hutch) - We will go for the new film as it is the image of the duo we have seen most recently. Ben Stiller and Owen Wilson it is in the roles, who continue the famous duo's fight against crime. Of course in Starsky's flaming red Ford Torino.

Those are your options but of course add others in the comments. Who is the best comedic cop partnership?

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

APOCALYPTO movie review


Starring: Gerardo Taracena, Raoul Trujillo, Dalia Hernandez, Rudy Youngblood.

Running time: 139 minutes

Year: 2006

Directed By: Mel Gibson

Written By: Mel Gibson & Farhad Safinia

Mel Gibson has lead a somewhat controversial career. He is a talented actor no doubt about it, but his private life and his religion have spilled into his public image and he has been a mess in front of the paparazzi several times. His directing career is also marred with controversy, especially with The Passion Of The Christ, which had faithful followers leaving cinemas in disgust. It can be said that he does touch some issues that most would not dare to. With Apocalypto he has touched on a subject matter unseen before on cinema screens, and he has also shown that no matter the controversy he is very talented.

Apocalypto is a story within the Mayan culture. The Mayan's have been mentioned before in films but they have never been the soul subject. Here we see a peaceful tribe within the Mayans. Members spend their days hunting boar, setting traps and making babies, as well as mocking each other. The tribe is a peaceful community that lives in wooden huts. One day whilst out hunting, a separate tribe crosses them, stating that they are relocating. Many of their community are bloodied and seem to be desperately running. The other members, a young Mayan called Jaguar Paw (Youngblood) and his friends, warn the opposing tribe to not cross again as they don't want the trouble. Little are they aware that the following morning their peaceful tribe is disrupted by Mayan rebels, who murder, kidnap, and rape members of the tribe. These rebels search the jungle for captures that they take to the almighty leader in a Mayan City, where the women are sold as slaves and the men are sacrificed for the greater good. The Chief believes God is punishing them by plaguing their crops and the only way to repay him is to sacrifice members of their kind.

As the Mayan rebels attack, Jaguar Paw manages to escape with his pregnant wife and son, who he lowers into a deep hole with the promise that he will return for them after he has helped his fellow tribe. Unfortunately he is defeated and taken captive with the rest of his tribe and lead across the jungle to the Mayan City. Once there Jaguar Paw witness' his tribe being sacrificed but is saved when a total eclipse is said to be a sign of God. Instead of being used as sacrifices, the captives are lead out to be target practice, but Jaguar Paw manages to evade the rebels, killing the leader's son in the process. Being the target of the rebel's vengeful rage he disappears into the jungle, leading them to his parts where only he can fight back and free his family from the deep hole he left them in.

The story is intriguing. It is interesting to see a story from an angle we haven't seen before. The Mayan culture is really brought to life by Gibson, albeit I don't know how they lived and looked, but he has managed to show us a believable resemblance. They run around with little clothing, large piercings split through their noses, ear lobes, and lips and hunt for food with wooden spears and bear traps. Gibson manages to show all this using relatively unknowns in the roles, and each one of them nails their character perfectly. To be honest it wasn't like I was watching people acting like Mayans, I believed they actually were.

The film does have many violent scenes in it. Most noticeably in the final forty five minutes which is a constant adrenaline rush as we follow Jaguar Paw's run from his captives with them in hot pursuit. Spears and arrows land in torsos, but the blood isn't over the top and outrageous but subtle and believable. Also in the opening scenes we see violence, with the rebels attacking the village, but most of the graphic scenes are hinted at off camera.

Apocalypto asks many questions. It shows that genocide took place well before we existed, and shows how they would do all they can to continue their civilisation. The ending shows the Spanish Armada approaching and the Mayans ask the question of do they run to man or do they continue the way they know. They know how to fight and Gibson shows their struggle with passion and emotion.

It really is a solid film. It is highly enjoyable and shows a civilisation unknown to us. The acting is strong and the direction is brilliant. Despite at times where there were a few slow moments, at two hours twenty minutes there could have been cuts, it is still a solid film and one that I do recommend. It is nothing like I was expecting and shows many themes that we should acknowledge; civilisations destructs from within, so why fight each other? Strong film, strong message.

3.5 / 5


Next film to review: ASSAULT ON PRECINCT 13

New on DVD this week: The Adventures Of TinTin

There is many films being released on DVD this week. I've only managed to see two of them and they were both highly disappointing, but with one of them especially the broader verdict was that it was good. Not for me it wasn't. I won't tell you what film it is and let you make your own decision on it. Some big films released however, and ones that I have heard fantastic things about. SO get down to your DVD rental shop, or go and buy one, and give them a look at.

THE ADVENTURES OF TINTIN: THE SECRET OF THE UNICORN - Tintin is back on the big screen, directed by Steven Spielberg and produced by Peter Jackson. Tintin teams up with Captain Haddock in search of a sunken ship commanded by Haddock's ancestor.

The Adventures Of Tintin trailer

MACHINE GUN PREACHER - Gerard Butler is a former drug-dealer biker who finds God and vows to help the Sudan children who are being forced to become soldiers.

Machine Gun Preacher trailer

TOWER HEIST - Ben Stiller heads an all star comedic cast as a manager of a block of plush apartments, housed by the rich and powerful. When one of the residents is arrested for fraud and all the employees lose their pension they invested with him, Stiller sets out to gain revenge in rather comedic ways.

Tower Heist trailer

MONEYBALL - Brad Pitt plays a baseball manager who devised a system of picking his team based on mathematics and statistics due to his teams financial difficulties.

Moneyball trailer

TRESPASS - A married couple are held hostage in their own home and are broken down until a truth based on deception and betrayal is revealed.

Trespass trailer

TAKE SHELTER - Apocalyptic drama starring Michael Shannon as a husband and father who has visions that the world is going to end, causing him to build a shelter to protect his unknowing family.

 Take Shelter trailer

SNOWTOWN - Based on a true story of a 16 year old boy who befriends his Mother's new boyfriend, which leads him on a torturous and murderous spree.

Snowtown trailer

Monday, March 19, 2012

21 JUMP STREET - New comedy duo have arrived.

This week saw a slight dilemma in choosing which film to see. A good few films out this week but we decided on something that was going to be light hearted and make us laugh for a few hours. I have to say we made a very good choice as that is exactly what we done for the few hours that this film was on the screen. It was light hearted, it was easy and above all the two leads had me laughing in anticipation for what they were going to do next.

The film is a reboot of an 80's TV programme. Have no fear mind you as I haven't seen it either but I don't think you really need to. The idea is this: 2 young cops make a hash of their first arrest and are sent to Jump Street to go undercover as two high school children to infiltrate a drugs ring. 'Infiltrate the dealers and find the supplier', as the brilliant Ice Cube barks out. The drug has killed one of the students and they must stop it from spreading to other schools before others die. I have to say though I can see why they would take the drug as it seems a hell of a lot of fun.

What is good about the film is that it is self-aware and takes the michael out of itself throughout. There are in jokes for cliched action flicks and reboot/remakes which are become tiresome. It is completely tongue in cheek and it is one reason that it remains so funny. Also the leads add to this. Their comedic chemistry and timing is spot on. I'm not either of the stars biggest fans. To me Jonah Hill plays the same roll in every film and Channing Tatum just cannot act. Here however the pair have completely changed my opinions. I believed both of them and they both have spells on the screen where they out shine the other. Comedy is definitely a route Tatum should go down.

Your sympathy for each character changes throughout. Hill starts as the loser at school and Tatum the cool kid, but when they go back undercover they see that the school world has changed and it is vice versa. It was weird to see people empathising with  the cool kid who was clearly upset the nerdy kid was finding new friends. It turns the entire cliched genre on it's head and it really works.

There is barely many negatives with the film. A slight lull in the middle is the only thing I can think of. Other than that the acting is great, the story is light and above all it is funny. That is all I'm expecting from a comedy. Also Ice Cube is great in his role and brings a lot of laughs to the film, as well as a very surprising cameo towards the end which I was completely not expecting. All in all a very good film, a lot of fun and a perfect way to enjoy a Friday night.

Pros: Made me laugh and the chemistry between the leads was perfect.

Cons: A slight lull in the middle.

7.5 / 10


Top 10 of 2012 so far:

1. 21 Jump Street     7.5 / 10
2. Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol     7 / 10
3. The Grey     7 / 10
4. Safe House     6 / 10
5. The Raven     6 / 10
6. Man On A Ledge     5 / 10
7. This Means War     5 / 10
8. J. Edgar     4.5 / 10
9. The Iron Lady     4.5 / 10
10. Shame     4 / 10