Thursday, May 3, 2012

NEWS - Star Trek 2 news, new images for Spiderman and The Dark Knight Rises trailer 3

3 major stories have been in the film news this week. 2 involving superhero films released in the upcoming months, and one eagerly anticipated sequel, due to hit screens next year, that stars a current up and coming British star.

Star Trek 2: Benedict Cumberbatch villainous role revealed.

Is this true? Is this rumour? Articles have been screaming online that they are all now aware of Benedict Cumberbatch's role in the new Star Trek film. At first Benicio Del Torro was offered a role in this film and the rumour had it that he was to play Kahn, a main villain of the Star Fleet who has already had a big screen interpretation in Wrath Of Kahn.

When negotiations with Del Torro shut down and Cumberbatch was cast many thought that the role of Kahn must have been dropped and he would be playing a different villain. Well according to sources online Cumberbatch is to play Kahn. Kahn is a genetically enhanced tyrant who, in previous films, has attempted to steal a terraforming genesis device. Could Sherlock be playing a genetically enhanced tyrant? It could explain the reason for him bulking up. I'm sure much more on Start Trek 2 will be released in the upcoming months.

More images released for The Amazing Spiderman

The Amazing Spiderman is beginning to be marketed heavily, after all their are only two months until its release. More images have been released online from the film, which show us plenty more of the Lizard in full form, and how much of a problem he could be to our new Spiderman. Have a look at the images below and prepare to witness them on the big screen as of 4th July 2012.

The Dark Knight Rises trailer 3 is here

I am pretty sure most of you would have already watched this trailer. I on the other hand have watched it several times and just can't get enough of it. Maybe it doesn't look quite as good as what The Dark Knight did in the trailers, but I have a sneaky feeling that Nolan is simply keeping us from many plot points of this film.

The trailer shows us more of Bane in full flow, from blowing up objects to battling with the caped crusader. We see more of Joseph Gordon Levitt's John Blake, who as of yet is still an unknown character. Catwoman is shown as a sidekick to Batman, will this remain or change throughout? And we also see a new love interest in Marion Cotillard's Miranda Tate. The trailer looks epic and the music only adds to the tension building and the difficulty Batman will face in protecting Gotham this time. We also see Bane have his clutches on Bruce Wayne, does he figure out Batman's identity, or is he targeting Bruce Wayne himself?

The only downside of the trailer is still Bane's voice. it is as if they have gone the other way with it and now it sounds too put on. I was one who preferred it before and didn't have a problem with it. Oh well time will tell on how it will be in the final version. Click on the link below to view the trailer:

The Dark Knight Rises trailer 3

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