Wednesday, May 30, 2012

QUESTION: What is the best Will Smith movie?

Will Smith hit the screens this week in Men In Black III for the first time in 3 and a half years. Has his presence been missed? I think so. We miss some good old Will Smith heroism and humour. Due to him hitting the screens again I want to know what you think his best film has been so far. Again I will give you 5 below but please feel free to add more. What is Will Smith's best film?

1. ENEMY OF THE STATE - Smith stars alongside Gene Hackman in a film based around conspiracy theories. He plays a lawyer wrongfully accused of copying a video tape showing the murder of the Governor.

2. I AM LEGEND - Being left as the sole survivor of a zombiefied epidemic, Smith inhabits New York in a hunt to find a cure for humanity, however he is also being stalked by the only other people in New York, zombies.

3. MEN IN BLACK - Smith partners Tommy Lee Jones as secret government agents who deal with extraterrestrial activity on Earth. They have their work cut out on Smith's first case which involves a bug like alien.

4. SEVEN POUNDS - After being involved in an accident Smith promises to aid seven strangers who are struggling with life, however his plan begins to suffer when he falls in love.

5. THE PURSUIT OF HAPPINESS - Based on a true story, Smith plays a man who went from living on the streets with his child to becoming one of the richest and best stock brokers the country has ever seen.

There are 5 of his films that have been hits but there are many others that could be up there. Let us know you're favourite regardless of if it is in the list or not.

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