Wednesday, May 23, 2012

QUESTION - What is the funniest moment in a Sacha Baron Cohen film?

With the new Sacha Baron Cohen film released last weekend, The Dictator, I have been thinking back to his previous three films, Ali G In Da House, Borat and Bruno, to see what is probably the funniest scene he has done within these films. I have thought of 5 below and put them up as options but let us know if there is any others. The question is what do you think is his funniest scene from the above movies?

1. BONDAGE PARTY (BRUNO) - Bruno arrives at a swinging party in an attempt to turn straight, however he finds out the hard way that it is an S&M party and ends up being attacked by his date leaving him to jump from the window.

2. NAKED WRESTLING (BORAT) - Borat and his side kick Azamat have a falling out over the latter masturbating over Borat's love Pamela Anderson. The pair take to wrestling round the bedroom, down the hallway and into a conference, both are stark naked and Borat holds a fisted sex toy!

3. PILOT SHOW (BRUNO) - Bruno shows the television company his brand new talk show which turns out to be highly homosexual and half the time is spent watching his penis swivel around the screen. The producers were as shocked as the audience.

4. POSH PARTY (BORAT) - Borat is invited to a posh dinner party in order to learn manners whilst eating, however he ends up bringing a bag of poo to the table, disrespecting the host's wife, and inviting a prostitute as his date much to the bemusement of the other guests.

5. RACING NOVAS (ALI G IN DA HOUSE) - Ali and his crew attempt to beat their local rivals across town and the two take to their Novas only to abide to all the speed limits and be overtaken by pensioners on motorised scooters. The scene ends with a nice rap from Martin Freeman and Ali G himself.

These are the 5 scenes I find very funny but there are others that have me in hysterics, let me know your favourite in the comments below and see if we all think the same.

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