Wednesday, May 2, 2012

QUESTION: Who is the best Avenger?

With Avenger's Assemble being released last week I decided to ask you who your favourite Avenger is. As I was watching the film I was thinking to myself who the most popular one would be and actually the least popular. I know which ones I would pick. One of them to me is just really dull. I have put the 5 'biggest' heroes  below to pick from, excluding Hawk Eye and Black Widow as I don't feel they are quite as big and bad as the others, however if they are your favourite write them in the comments below. Take your pick and vote for your favourite Avenger.

1. CAPTAIN AMERICA - Played by Chris Evans, Captain America is a super soldier from the 40s who was frozen in an accident and awoken in today's society. His super strength comes from signing up as an experiment for a new drug which enhances capabilities for a soldier. Also the leader of the Avengers.

2. HULK - Played by many actors but in the new film Mark Ruffalo takes the reins. Bruce banner is a scientist who experimented his own version of Captain America's super strength serum on himself. Instead however it turns him into a giant green angry machine when his emotions rise high.

3. IRON MAN - Played by Robert Downey Jr. Iron Man is in fact weaponry expert Tony Stark. Stark is a multi-billionaire engineer who builds himself an iron suit in order to escape being held captive in the middle east. His iron suit helps him fly and shoot missiles out his shoulder. Probably the most charismatic out the Avengers.

4. NICK FURY - Played by Samuel L. Jackson. Nick Fury may not be classed in the same light as those spoken of but he is the one that ultimately brings them all together in the first place. He is a super spy and is known for being top of his game, despite wearing that eye patch.

5. THOR - Played by Chris Hemsworth. Thor comes from Asgaard and is son of their King. Due to this he is given special powers which he holds through his hammer and his armour. Due to his extraterrestrial dwellings he can also fly, but is also vulnerable when it comes to meeting humans. His world is also the place super villains seem to come from.

There are the main 5 of the Avengers so let me know who you think is the best Avenger.


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  3. From least to greatest, here is what I think
    Thor-hate him I would call him a b****
    Hulk-Okay, he is ugly in real life though, kind of funny
    Iron Man-super cool suit and crazy hilarious :D
    Captain America-Super cute, he has an awesome shield, if he were to start dating black widow in Captain America 3, I would love him even more
    Hawkye- Knows how to kick butt even though he does not have super powers. Cute, and he should be in other avenger movies like Captain America 3, Thor, and if their is going to be another Iron Man, Iron Man 4, but I doubt their is going to be an Iron Man 4
    Black Widow- Awesome with 2 guns, kicks but, and if she were to start dating Captain America, in Captain America 3, I would love her even more
    Captain America and Hawkye and Black Widow are all my most favorites, they are all hot and awesome at being awesome. I wish they could have their own movie together.

  4. I dont think Nick Furry counts

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