Wednesday, May 9, 2012

QUESTION: Who is your least favourite main American Pie character?

With American Reunion being released last weekend, I wanted to see which main character from the group of leads brings the least to the forefront. If you read my review you will see that I believe that only two of them need be there as now the others just seem to be peripheral figures, and other characters have surpassed them. I want to know who you guys believe is the least favourite, and the one that the audience would miss the least if they weren't there?

1. FINCH - Finch is the geek of the group but is the one with the most charm. He is the one most likely to have OCD but in the new film has become the one who has winged his entire life by travelling around. High point: sleeping with Stifler's Mother. Low point: Getting the runs whilst at school.

2. JIM - The main character of the group and the one that the story always follows. Has had many embarrassing moments to label and is the accident prone member of the group. His presence is worth a chuckle alone. High point: marrying his childhood sweetheart. Low point: having sex with a pie, gluing his hand to his penis, pouring shaved pubic hair on his wedding cake and fighting a group of teens in a sexy leather outfit. Also pre-ejaculated twice which was viewed by many.

3. KEVIN - The member of the group that always declares they drink to the 'next step'. He was the one that got the ball rolling on the first film by claiming they all get laid but was the one who had the most chance of doing it due to having a long term girlfriend. Always seems to play safe. High point: putting his sperm in a beer, which Stifler drinks. Low point: pining over Vicky.

4. OZ - The sporty member of the team who has now become a sports presenter. Always was the cheesiest, but still was the jock the girls fancied. The only member who didn't show for Jim's wedding. High point: singing in the choir gaining him his girl. Low point: 'Suck me beautiful.'

5. STIFLER - The one who no one wants around until they want to get drunk or laid. He is the one just outside the group who has done all the things the other want to do, however in the end he ends up remaining a child whilst the others grow up. High point: viewing the 'lesbians', and his final triumph. Low point: drinking Kevin's sperm, eating dog poo and having the geek sleep with his Mother.

Let us know who you think. Who is your least favourite American Pie character?

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