Thursday, January 19, 2012

T-FORCE movie review


Starring: Jack Scalia, Evan Lurie, Erin Gray, Bobby Johnston.

Running time: 95 minutes

Year: 1994

Directed By: Richard Pepin

Written By: Joe Hart & Lenore Kletter

Lately I have been renting some relatively unknown B movies due to the fact that some of them star actors who have managed to break into A movies out today. I am also intrigued to see what can be done on a small budget and above all I feel it deserves the watch that a Hollywood blockbuster also deserves. I have to say though that after watching this film I have decided that B movies are an absolute no-no.

This monstrosity of a movie is called T-Force standing for Terminal Force, which is a group of cyber naughts (not robots) that look completely human and work for the LAPD. They are sent in on dangerous missions when it is unsafe for humans. The story opens when a skyscraper is taken under siege by a man who demands some prisoners are released. When the hijacker proves that he isn't afraid to throw his weight around, the police send in the T-Force with orders to kill the kidnappers. These orders however are bought into question when one cyber naught kills the lead terrorist at the expense of six hostages, something the Police Chief and Mayor are extremely unhappy about and decide to have the T-Force programme terminated.

When the cyber naughts are bought in to be deconstructed, they turn on their maker, demanding that their 'self-preservation' takes priority. I put 'self-preservation' in quote mark as it has to be word of the film as one character must say it a hundred times in ten minutes. That's ten times a minute. That's once every six seconds!! It is so annoying.

Right to carry on, three of the four cyber naughts (another word completely over used) go on a rampage to defend themselves, one however remains behind believing that he should obey orders. He has human individuality apparently. As he is willing to track down his fellow T-Force he is partnered with a man who hates robots!! Shock, didn't see that one coming. They then set off to find and destroy the rogue 'cyber naughts'. Lost interest in a plot that has been done so many times yet? I have.

What we actually get here is a film that rips off any Hollywood film that was made just prior to this was. We start off with Die Hard (skyscraper being taken hostage), moving on to Die Hard 2 (demanding prisoners are released), to The Terminator (a carbon copy of the police station massacre), then moves on to a dodgy porn segment (typical porn music played over the top of a male and female robot stripping each other!!) and then the finale is just like Mad Max, the vehicles are identical. Seriously is there no originality out there?

The acting also doesn't help the film as it is seriously dreadful. The dialogue is corny, cheesy and any other word you can think of that describes lame and tacky. The action scenes seem  very set up with explosions just happening anywhere and everywhere. We get cyber naughts that can't shoot the lead cop for love nor money but can take out five men in five shots and robots that seem to be as human as anyone else other than the fact that they can strip off their skin and show their robotic hand (and yes one of them does give the finger!). One of the best bits is when a terrorist points a rocket launcher at a police car and the policeman jumps inside it to protect himself! What is that all about?

You know I wasted an hour and a half on this movie and now I feel like I am wasting my time in writing a review for it, so I will leave you with this one comment, do not watch this movie it is dog s***!

0.5 / 5


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