Monday, April 30, 2012

AVENGER'S ASSEMBLE - Superheroes galore. One leads the show, one steals it.

This week saw the release of Avenger's Assemble. There was no question really as to what we were going to see. This film was one many have been waiting for, probably to see if it will fail due to the top characters all fighting for screen time, but I tell you know it doesn't fail at all and it is actually surprisingly really good. There seems to be a lot of fighting but not for screen time, and each character has their own reason for being in the film and pull the story along. However their is one character that stands above the rest, and one character who completely steals the show when you finally see them in their armour.

Iron Man is the character that seems to lead it. Robert Downey Jr has the best lines, playing his typical Tony Stark, and he is the superhero that leads the charge in the final epic battle, and he is the one that seems to do most of the destroying. Not that this is a bad thing of course because Tony Stark is a great character to watch. The acting is also good but Downey Jr does know this character inside and out. He is also the only major character whose love interest is shown in the film. Captain America and Thor don't steal the show. Cap, to me, is out of place in the Avenger's Initiative and he is only there as he is a soldier who leads the gang. I find his character a little dull and it is no different here. Thor turns up the latest out of all the heroes and he has more reason to be there but still takes a back seat compared to some of the others. Hemsworth is fine as Thor but he isn't as compelling as the other characters. However he does claim the best comedic line in the film. Nighthawk and Black Widow gain more relevance than Cap and Thor which is a little disappointing as they are not as known as the others for being part of the Avenger's, but they at least have some meaning. All of them do have reason to be there, some more than others, but they all do bring their story to the bigger picture.

You maybe thinking I have left someone out, but actually I am saving the best till last. Dr Bruce Banner is the most interesting character in the story. Mark Ruffalo completely steals this picture. As Banner he is shy, weary and does all he can not to antagonise "the other man". Whilst watching all you are willing him to do is turn and when he finally does it is not disappointing. Here the Hulk character works and it is due to their handling of him, the brilliant acting and the dialogue they have given him. As Banner he is an ordinary man, and when he changes it is frightening. Hulk steals the show as a character, but Ruffalo as Banner steals iT completely. A genius bit of casting.

The villain, Loki, is much more scary than he was in Thor. Here he has drive and determination and isn't that feeble character from the previous movie. This time he manages to have his way with most of the team. Hiddleston is brilliant as Loki, and he brings charm, and the devil with his character. The only issue I have with him though is that he seemed to know too much about the Avenger's too quick. He knew them all individually before they had already been formed. I wander how much telecoms they receive on Asgaard. Also the writer's do a great job of building him up as menacing and steal it away so quickly in a scene where Hulk gives him a smashing. It is a funny moment but then you realise they should have set the Hulk on him quicker instead of containing him and this would have been over earlier. Many comedy moments in this film though generally are brilliant, however one or two can border on making the film a bit of a farce.

There is so much that is good about this film. One scene alone stands out, and it is when all the heroes are in a room bickering. That is the best bit. The chemistry between them is great, and all the issues people may have had prior to viewing will be washed away. Joss Whedon has done a great job of bringing all their stories together and not leaving many plot issues. It is a film that is miles better than expected, a film full of great acting especially from Downey Jr, Hiddleston and mainly Ruffalo, and a film with a fantastic final forty minute long action sequence that shows you all the heroes doing their thing. I still do wander though why Samuel L Jackson is there. He just seems out of place. Not Nick Fury, I actually mean Jackson. I just feel as an acting presence he seems like he is in the wrong place. He also has the most cheesy lines. Despite that though this is a top movie, and the positives well out weight the one or two negatives.

Pros: Action, humour and top acting; all you want from an action flick.

Cons: Sometimes the humour doesn't fit in.

7.5 / 10

Top 10 films of 2012 so far:

1. The Hunger Games     8 / 10
2. Avenger's Assemble     7.5 / 10
3. 21 Jump Street     7.5 / 10
4. Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol     7 / 10
5. The Grey     7 / 10
6. Safe House     6 / 10
7. The Raven     6 / 10
8. Contraband     6 / 10
9. The Cabin In The Woods     5.5 / 10
10. This Means War     5 / 10


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