Wednesday, April 11, 2012

QUESTION: What is Bruce Willis' worst film?

In light of Bruce Willis' new film, The Cold Light Of Day, I've decided to find out what his worst movie actually is. My vote would probably go for this latest pile of garbage that he has starred in. He is a top actor and he has done some great films, but at the same time he has done some utter rubbish. So I am going for a change of tact and I would like to know what you think his worst film is? I have listed five choices below but feel free to add extras that you think.

1. COP OUT - Starring alongside Tracy Morgan as a cop who has his prized baseball card stolen. Bruce what bought you to this?

2. PERFECT STRANGER - Halle Berry his co-star in another drab film. Here he plays a suspected murderer being hunted by berry's journalist. Both of the stars could have made this better!

3. THE KID - In this remake he plays an older version of the lead child. This way the child gets to see who he becomes when he is older. After this film the boy must hope he doesn't turn out like Mr Willis.

4. THE WHOLE TEN YARDS - This sequel was such a let down. The first was original and had great turns by Bruce and by Chandler Bing, I'm sorry I mean Matthew Perry. The sequel however ruins it all.

5. WHAT JUST HAPPENED - This one is only a cameo and as DeNiro is the lead I can see why he done it, however he should maybe see what the film is before he accepts them as this one is poor for both these actors standards.

This may seem a little harsh on Bruce but he is such a great actor that this is the sort of rubbish he shouldn't be doing. Let me know your thoughts and if it is any of these you believe to be the worst or any others.

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