Wednesday, April 18, 2012

QUESTION: Who is the scariest movie serial killer?

In light of Joss Whedon's blatant attack on the horror genre in The Cabin In The Woods, I want to know who you think is the scariest movie serial killer? There have been iconic horror baddies that are still seen as scary today but who still puts the frighteners in you when you see them? Ignore the remake versions as they only seem to take away that extra chill from the killer in the original. So who do you think still cuts it as the scariest movie serial killer?

1. FREDDY KRUGER - Killer from The Nightmare On Elm Street franchise in which he stalks children in their sleep. You can't hide from this guy.

2. GHOSTFACE - Although more than one person, the mask is still highly iconic for horror serial killers. The scary mask is worn by killers in Scream who want to kill Sydney Prescott played by Neve Campbell.

3. JASON VOORHEES - Murderer from the Friday the 13th franchise, although he isn't the bad guy in the original but is known as the killer for fans out there. In the films he stalks teenagers who are spending the weekend at the lake house he was murdered at.

4. LEATHERFACE - The Texas chainsaw wielding maniac from, you guessed it The Texas Chainsaw Massacre. His abnormal family kidnap teenagers who are lost in their part of town and Leatherface chops them up with his chainsaw in order to bring their dead grandfather back to life.

 5. MICHAEL MYERS - Stalker from Halloween who kills babysitter's whilst he searches for his sister in order to kill her also. His white mask is a huge iconic horror item.

There are five of the most known killers but I'm sure there are more out there. Let us know who you think is the scariest, or add others in the comments. Who is the scariest movie serial killer?

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