Thursday, April 12, 2012

NEWS - Teaser for Looper trailer hits web.

Just in case you don't understand the headline it is that a teaset trailer for the trailer of Joseph Gordon Levitt's new movie, Looper has hit the web. The teaser sees the star and director/ writer Rian Johnson give us a premise and a few questions to get us thinking. Have a look at the teaser to the trailer below.

Teaser to Looper trailer

Also on there you have a chance to read a little more about the procedure the studio have taken into promoting this film and the trailer. Seems an unusual step but now a days trailers seem as big as the movies so perhaps we will be seeing this more often.

So hat did you think of the teaser? It is a film I am interested in seeing as I like Mr Gordon Levitt and it also stars Bruce Willis. Kind of ironic after yesterdays question. The teaser tells us the premise and also shows us the typical smarmy and cheesy Joseph Gordon Levitt. This shows he must be a good actor!!!

Some time this week the trailer will be released so keep an eye out and see a lot more of a film that will hopefully wow audiences later in the year. It is one I already have inked on my calendar.

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