Thursday, August 30, 2012

NEWS - A former Batman replaces Hugh Laurie as the villain in Robocop

So much news has been released this week in the movie world but not any of it has been particularly recurring or overly big, that is until today where I have found the same piece of news flashing up on many sights and I tell you it is actually fairly huge!!! A few months back I brought to your attention that Hugh Laurie had signed on for the role of the villain in the new Robocop. However last week it was announced that this was not the case and Mr Laurie had dropped out, which was disappointing as he was slowly growing on many as the villain of an iconic science fiction film. Well have no fears Robocop fans because it has been announced today that former Batman Michael Keaton has replaced Laurie, and honestly I think that is a better casting option. Granted I'm sure Laurie would have been great in the role but for me Keaton brings something new to every role he is in. From Beetlejuice to The Other Guys Keaton has always been brilliant in his roles, and I am utterly convinced that he will do this new role justice.

The film is beginning to generate news with director Jose Padilha recently stating that working on the film has so far been 'hell'. Well let's hope that this great piece of casting will cheer him up and make us even more excited for the release of this film next year. Nothing has been announced on the shooting front but it has been stated that the cast has been finalised, with talent coming from the likes of Joel Kinnaman, Samuel L Jackson, and Gary Oldman. All I can say is Keaton is about to throw his weight around amongst some pretty fantastic actors. 


  1. Haha I'll give you that one. Still think it is an interesting casting choice, and that he will rock it.