Thursday, August 16, 2012

NEWS - Jesse Eisenberg & Dakota Fanning in talks for indie thriller; Night Moves; Brilliant new trailer for Looper

A piece of potential casting news and a fantastic new trailer for a Joseph Gordon Levitt film are the two top pieces of news to bring to your attention this week.

Jesse Eisenberg & Dakota Fanning in talks for indie thriller; Night Moves

Cropping up on a few websites this week has been the news that Jesse Eisenberg and Dakota Fanning may be starring in a new thriller, Night Moves. Eisenberg has been rumoured to the film for a while and I have noticed his name being possibly attached to it on a few websites recenty, however Dakota Fanning's name is a new one. Kelly Reichardt is to direct the film which is about three eco-terrorists who are plotting to blow up a dam. Already set to star as one of these is Peter Sarsgard and Eisenberg and Fanning are touted for the other two. More on this in the upcoming months.

Brilliant new trailer for Looper

To be released on 28th September is Looper, starring Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Bruce Willis, and Emily Blunt. A trailer has already been released for the film but the new international one can be seen at the link below:

Looper trailer

The plot of the film is based around time travel where in the future people are sent back in time to be assassinated by Joseph Gordon-Levitt, until that is his next target is his future self played by Bruce Willis. The premise sounds great and Levitt looks unrecognisable as the makeup crew have tried to make him look like Willis. I have to say nice work. Anyway I will be queuing for this one. See Levitt also in Premium Rush set to be released on 14th September.

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