Wednesday, August 1, 2012

QUESTION: Which action movie are you most looking forward to this year?

Due to my hatred towards the film I saw this week I have decided to not base this week's question on that film and instead ask you which action flick you are most looking forward to seeing this summer? I have recently seen lots of trailers of action films being released in the next few months and I really can't decide which one looks the best. All of them seem action packed to the brink! My 5 most action-y looking films are below but there are a couple more I can think of, I just feel from looking at the trailers these ones will have the most guns and fighting.

1. THE EXPENDABLES 2 - This one will definitely be full of action. Starring Stallone, Statham, Lundgren, Norris, Willis, Schwarzenegger, Li and many more taking on poor old Jean Claude Van Damme. If the first one has anything to go by then this will have little dialogue and plenty of guns. Released: 16th August.

2. THE BOURNE LEGACY - A reboot of the Bourne franchise. This time the super agent is played by Jeremy Renner and is a spy who is that one better than Jason Bourne, his name is Aaron Cross. The trailer seems like it is following the old routine of the previous Bourne's which means plenty of fighting and car chases. Released: 13th August.

3. DREDD - Judge Dredd is back with a new take on the comic book. The trailer shows Dredd and his apprentice entering a block of futuristic apartments in search of the dealer selling super drug slo-mo, and finding many gangsters willing to protect it. Looks like there will be lots of futuristic guns and many many deaths. Released: 7th September.

4. TAKEN 2 - Liam Neeson is back as Brian Mills only this time he is the one being kidnapped and must talk his daughter through what to do to save him and her Mother. The trailer shows some typical Neeson moves that ever since Taken  we have grown to love. Released: 4th October.

5. SKYFALL - Bond, James Bond is back and is the centre of a manhunt after M allows a secret document to get into the wrong hands. Typical Bond action is on show in the trailer involving flying cars, trains and motorbikes. Released: 26th October.

There are 5 films soon to be released in the upcoming months, all be worthy of a bag of popcorn and your brain being switched off for a couple of hours, so let me know which one of these are you most excited about?

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