Tuesday, June 19, 2012

New on DVD this week: The Woman In Black

This week sees the film which starred Daniel Radcliffe as a character other than Harry Potter, it is also the film that was given a mild certificate and apparantly scared the bejesus out of everyone who watched it. I still haven't seen it so can not really comment but I am hoping to watch it soon and have my say on the matter. As well as this film there are 2 others which had small release in cinema and 1 that was released on DVD sometime last week without actually having a release date. Weird. Anyway have a look at them below and see if any look good.

THE WOMAN IN BLACK - Daniel Radcliffe stars as a lawyer who goes to a haunted house where he discovers a vengeful ghost of a scorned woman. Despite being warned against it he attempts to unravel the mystery of the woman in black.

The Woman In Black trailer

ONE FOR THE MONEY - A woman is hired as a bounty hunter and her first target is a local cop who turns out to be an ex-boyfriend of hers. Think of The Bounty Hunter in reverse.

One For The Money trailer

CARNAGE - 2 sets of parents argue for 90 minutes in the space of a living room over the fight their children have had at school. Great writing drives the film based on the stageplay.

Carnage trailer

SAFE HOUSE - Denzel Washington is a former CIA Agent gone rogue but upon capture is transported to Ryan Reynolds safe house. When he escapes it is down to Reynolds to prove his worth, hunt him down and stop him from selling a potentially lethal piece of information. This is the film that has suddenly appeared on shelves.

 Safe House trailer

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