Friday, June 8, 2012

NEWS - First official photo from Iron Man 3 set.

My favourite piece of news for this week came from the set of the next Marvel film in the making, Iron Man 3. Since the release of Avengers Assemble, Iron Man 3 has sprung legs and set about filming with a release date scheduled for next year. Of course Robert Downey Jr is returning but joining him is Guy Pearce, Rebecca Hall, and Ben Kingsley. The cast alone is enough to hopefully wipe out the memory of the second film. Shane Black is the man in the director's chair. Here is the picture below:

It isn't a majorly glorified shot and it is the only image I have managed to find so far but at least it tells us that there are many more suits for Tony Stark to play around in. Keep an ear out for much more news to surface on this project in the upcoming months.

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