Wednesday, June 20, 2012

QUESTION: What is the best M. Night Shyamalan twist ending?

After watching Red Lights this weekend I have read reviews that claim the film is a typical M. Night Shyamalan film with a poor twist ending like all of his films. I would completely disagree with this statement. The film is in the Shyamalan mould but his films did not have poor twist endings. They have slowly got worse over the years but his first few films were really good and had some fantastic twist endings. I would even say that the ending of Red Lights is nowhere near as good as some of the first films of Shyamalan. What I want to ask you then is which M. Night Shyamalan film do you think has the best twist ending? I will name 5 films and their stars but I will not reveal the ending in case anyone hasn't seen them.

1. LADY IN THE WATER - Starring Paul Giamatti as a man who finds a half dead woman in his apartment block only to find out she is a fairy tale character trapped in our world.

2. SIGNS - Mel Gibson and Joaquin Phoenix star as two brothers who attempt to save Mel's kids from an alien invasion.

3. THE SIXTH SENSE - Bruce Willis is a psychologist to a young boy who has a terrible secret, he can see dead people.

4. THE VILLAGE - This film boast an array of acting talent who live in a small isolated village that is the target of a host of monsters that live in the woods.

5. UNBREAKABLE - Bruce Willis is the man who realises he is unbreakable after a horrific train crash leaves him without any scars.

There are his 5 best films I'm sure. Over the years his films have suffered as he seems to be trying to hard too pull the rug from beneath us at the end of them; however these first 5 he done were some top films with some equally brilliant endings.


  1. I'll have to go for The Sixth Sense which is also the much better film.

  2. The Sixth Sense was the best twist. The Lady in the Water didn't have a twist..well if you count the fact that it was the start of M Night's fall from grace then I guess we didn't see it coming. That film is such a self indulgent piece of crap.