Wednesday, June 13, 2012

QUESTION: Who do you think should play Cinderella if they made a live movie of it?

When Snow White And The Huntsman was released a few weeks ago it has had a few negative reviews due to Kristen Stewart's performance, or the fact she was cast in the first place. My argument is that she was probably one of the best choices; however I am sure there are others out there who could play a fairy tale damsel. Below I've listed 5 choices for who you think should play Cinderella if they were to ever make a live action movie. Vote in the comments.

1. CHLOE GRACE MORETZ - A young superstar who has appeared in Dark Shadows, Let Me In and most famously Kick Ass. A girl with a lot of potential and a unique look that could highlight the contrast from slave sister to midnight queen.

2. EMMA ROBERTS - Best known for her lead role in Scream 4 and possibly for being Julia's neice. Emma still has a big movie career ahead of her and I'm sure can learn some good tips from an Aunt who has played a fairy tale character.

3. EMMA STONE - Yet another Emma although this one has been involved in many more movies. She will soon be seen in The Amazing Spiderman and has also starred in Zombieland and Crazy, Stupid, Love. Often been the desire of the male characters so could the role of Cinderella suit her?

4. EMMA WATSON - What? Another Emma? That's right only this one has been in the biggest movie franchise of all time. The Harry Potter star has yet to peel away from her role as Hermoine but a lead role in a fairy tale adapt could be the cure.

5. JENNIFER LAWRENCE - Jennifer has recently starred in the next big movie franchise The Hunger Games and has many more big movies in her schedule due to her fantastic performance. Might be becoming a big star to fit this film in her diary but what a bullied little sister she would make.

So there are your choices for a hypothetical live action adaptation of Cinderella. Tell us below out of these 5 which would be your ideal cast for the lead role.

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