Friday, March 9, 2012

In Cinema's This Weekend: Epic battle.....on MARS!

4 mainstream releases hitting the cinemas this weekend. One being a CGI fest, on Mars, in 3d!!! That not sound ace? Maybe, maybe not. Honestly I'm not sure, perhaps something for an action fest chill out night at the cinema but, to me, 3d glasses included means headache included. If i see it I'm sure it will be in 3d, anyway lets see what is on  this week and what will suit your fancy.

1. First up in the aforementioned Mars battle, JOHN CARTER. Taylor Kitsch plays John Carter who is a civil-war vet sent to Mars. What he finds is a beautiful planet inhabited by monster like barbarians, who he becomes a captive of. Once he breaks free his loyalties are torn as to getting off of the planet, or save the girl who he has begun to fall in love with. Also starring: Lynn Collins, Willem Dafoe & Samantha Morton. Red your favourite colour?

2. Next we have a story of a young man's rise to power in BEL AMI. This man is Robert Pattinson, who manipulates his way through the wealthy and influential women in Paris, in order to gain money and respect. Also starring: Christina Ricci, Uma Thurman & Kristin Scott Thomas. A seductive R Patz?

3. John Cusack comes back in period thriller THE RAVEN. He plays famous writer Edgar Allan Poe whose work has inspired a serial killer, meaning Poe must work out which murder they will be repeating next and catch them before the killer begins to murder the people closest to him. Also starring:Alice Eve, Luke Evans & Brendan Gleeson. Will Poe's stories become a reality?

4. Finally Brit Adam Deacon stars in PAYBACK SEASON, about dodgy dealings in the world of football. If his payments stop, the football will stop and with the money it generates this is not an option. Also starring: Nichola Burley, David Ajala & Leo Gregory. Want to see football brought to a halt?

There are your releases for the week. Only one that seems to have had a strong marketing campaign and the others just slipping through the nest unnoticed. Some strong actors on show this week though, so lets see if this years hidden gem may be released this weekend.

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