Wednesday, March 28, 2012

QUESTION: What is the best movie franchise adapted from a book series?

With looking at the recent release of the first film of the next huge book to movie franchise, I want to ask what is the best book to movie franchise so far. There have been a lot of films adapted from books, many with mixed reviews between film and book lovers. For an entire book series to be adapted with each book getting it's own film, is somewhat of a credit to the original author. So let me know what you think is the best movie franchise adapted from a book series?

1. HARRY POTTER - The franchise spawned 9 movies, introducing the world to a new batch of child actors, mixed with some excellent veterans that really brought the books to life.

2. LORD OF THE RINGS - 3 majorly long books made into 3 majorly long movies, although some would argue 1 overly long film. Some excellent acting talent in these, all fighting for screen time. The series has now spun off onto the Hobbit books, after the ring was so successful.

3. THE CHRONICLES OF NARNIA - The famous Lion, Witch and Wardrobe has been adapted here, along with two sequels. The franchise was loved by some and hated by others but the film managed to secure a voice only role for Liam Neeson, so surely that has to be a winner.

4. THE GIRL WITH THE DRAGON TATTOO - Recently been released in the US, but the original came out from Sweden. The films were such a hit that Hollywood had to snap them up with both hands. Although failing to reach it's target, Hollywood would most likely make the sequels with a smaller budget. The trilogy also introduced us to Noomi Rapace.

5. TWILIGHT - The saga of young love, interrupted by vampires and werewolves. Teenage female fans would bite the filmmakers hands off to continue this franchise forever, however I'm sure most others would bite them just so they would stop.

These are five options but there are many more out there that could have been added. If you feel the need add them in the comments below.

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