Thursday, March 15, 2012

NEWS - More Hunger Games material online

The Hunger Games is due to release next weekend, and boy can you tell. The last few weeks have had many new clips and TV Spots released for the film, and it i attracting my attention. There was several news scattering the web this week but the majority was aimed towards The Hunger Games.

First up is the brand new TV Spot for the film, which was released about a week ago. Still the same images we have already seen and it doesn't give much more away, but it still is enough to make us want to rush out and see it. Click on the link below and have a look at the TV Spot. Are you as excited as me?

The Hunger Games TV Spot

As well as the TV spot we have also had a new clip released online. The clip shows an interview commencing between Peeta and Cesar. It has a nice little twist at the end and could perhaps add a love interest for our leads. Many clips are being released at the moment and they can only ruin the film when you finally see it, but if you are intrigued click on the link below and have a look. Go on you've only got one more week to wait then.

The Hunger Games clip

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