Tuesday, March 27, 2012

New on DVD this week: Puss In Boots

Lots of new releases hitting shelves this week. I was in my top 3 of the year and one was in my worst 5. I won't tell them what they are and instead go out and rent some of these and decided for yourself. I've seen about 50% of these releases and it is quite a strong week for new DVD's. Although if you had to pick one I'd go for 50/50. Oop did I give it away!

PUSS IN BOOTS - Spin off to the popular Shrek franchise. The story chronicles the life of Puss and how he became an outlaw in his town and caused an enemy for life in old friend Humpty Alexander Dumpty.

Puss In Boots trailer

THE THING - Prequel, remake or reboot of the old time classic by John Carpenter. A group of scientists go out to the Antartic to identify an unknown alien being. The being escapes and can shape shift into the people at the base. Anyone could be the being and you'll only know when the last one is standing.

The Thing trailer

HAPPY FEET TWO - In the sequel Mumble son, Erik, is struggling to realise his talents in the Emperor World, whilst their family and friends discover a new threat to their world.

Happy Feet Two trailer

THE AWAKENING - A hoax exposer is requested at a stately children's home once the children announce that they are seeing ghosts. Is it a hoax or is something spooky going on?

The Awakening trailer

JUSTICE - A hidden group offer a man revenge on the man who assaulted his wife. However after he agrees and the deed is done, he is lured into a 'favour' he now owes them, to kill the former client or they will come after him.

Justice trailer

50/50 - The story of a twenty seven year old man who is diagnosed with cancer, giving him a 50/50 chance to live. He turns to his best friend to pull him through as his life slowly begins to fall apart.

 50/50 trailer

THE BIG YEAR - Three friends who want to do something with their lives, head across the world in search of a record breaking bird during a bird spotting competition.

The Big Year trailer

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