Thursday, March 22, 2012

NEWS - Stan Lee talks new Marvel movies and cameos.

In a build up to the soon to be released Avengers Assemble, Stan Lee has stepped forward and spoken about his upcoming cameos in Avengers Assemble, The Amazing Spiderman and Iron Man 3. As we all know Mr Lee generally makes cameos in the Marvel films, regardless of how good they are. In an interview with Total Film he speaks of his cameos and tells us what we can expect.

“The Avengers cameo that you will see, when that movie opens up, is possibly one of my best,” says Lee. “And you know how good mine have been, but it is so funny. I can’t tell you what it is ‘cause they’d kill me, but it is funny.” 

“So is the Spider-Man one, by the way,” he continues. “They’re deciding to make my cameos a little funnier. They know that’s what brings the audiences in, of course, so they’ve gotta play them up.”

As for Iron Man 3, that one has yet to be shot, but Lee explains that he has to be ready and waiting at the drop of a hat…

“It’s almost scary ‘cause they just give me a date,” he says. “They’ll say, Stan, come over next Thursday for your cameo,’ but they don’t tell me what it is. So, I show up and they say, ‘Go to wardrobe.’ I don’t know what is expected of me, until I get there, but of course, I do it magnificently.” 

Sounds like Mr Lee is being slightly modest. I'm sure many will be attempting to pick him out in his up-coming cameos, and you can see Avengers Assemble from 26th April and The Amazing Spiderman from 2nd July. As of yet Iron Man 3 has not begun shooting, so fair play to Stan for bigging himself up and fair play to Marvel for getting us more excited about Avengers Assemble, not because Stan Lee's in it of course but just because it looks so damn good.

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