Tuesday, March 6, 2012

New on DVD this week: Immortals

A lot of films released out on DVD and Blu-Ray this week. I've only seen one of them, Contagion, and I was one of few that found it a little dull. Maybe I'm wrong. Have a look at the film and see what you think. The other releases are ones that weren't huge at the box office but doesn't mean they aren't good. Get them and make up your own mind.

IMMORTALS - Thesus is the man chosen by Zeus to stand up and fight against King Hyperion who is charging across Greece to get hold of a weapon to destroy mankind.

Immortals trailer

CONTAGION - An all star cast fall foul to a deadly virus that sweeps across the world. A single touch is contagious and not many will survive.

Contagion trailer


THE IDES OF MARCH - Another all star cast but this time in the campaign trail of a political campaign, where a young campaigner is swayed by the opposition party and taught all about dirty politics to beat their rival.

The Ides Of March trailer

THE RUM DIARY - The story of Paul Kemp who takes a job in Puerto Rico and struggles to get used to the style of living and the people who live there. Johnny Depp stars.

The Rum Diary trailer

ANONYMOUS - Shakespeare was a fraud? This story goes behind the legend that is Shakespeare and that in fact he was just a name and a front for the Earl of Oxford, who writes plays but wants to keep his identity.

 Anonymous trailer

SKET - A sixteen year old girl exacts revenge on a gang that attacked her sister. She joins a rival gang to learn their ways and eventually attacks back at the notorious gang.

Sket trailer

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