Wednesday, May 16, 2012

QUESTION: What is the best Burton/ Depp film?

In keeping with the recent release of another Tim Burton and Johnny Depp film, Dark Shadows, I want to ask you which film you think is their best. They have made 8 together, including Dark Shadows and the animated Corpse Bride which I haven't added into the choices, which is one of the most seen collaborations in the industry. Usually these two names bring in huge amounts of pundits but lately the pair have come slightly off the ball, which is a shame as they are both great at what they do. Anyway let us know in the comments below which is the best Tim Burton/ Johnny Depp film? There are 5 choices below (I have not added Ed Wood as I haven't seen it but if you feel it is the best let us know) .

1. ALICE IN WONDERLAND - Based on the classic tale, Depp plays the Mad Hatter in a new vision on Wonderland (here known as Underland) that only Tim Burton could create. The film scored big at the box office but not so well with the critics.

2. CHARLIE AND THE CHOCOLATE FACTORY - Yet another take on a classic tale. This time Burton sticks closer to the original, with Depp's Willy Wonka as obscure as Gene Wilder's. Yet another film that scored big at the box office. This one also starred Helena Bonham Carter who is also known to collaborate with the pair.

3. EDWARD SCISSORHANDS - The pair's first collaboration together, and Depp's breakthrough role. He plays a human created by a professor who dies shortly before finishing him, leaving him with sharp blades instead of hands. Depp plays a creature with hidden secrets to perfection as he tries to indulge in society.

4. SLEEPY HOLLOW - A story of a headless horseman who Depp's Icahbod Crane is sent to investigate. The horseman is known for decapitating his victims and Crane must stop him before it's too late. The film is dark and moody and is very typical of Burton's Gothic style.

5. SWEENEY TODD: THE DEMON BARBER OF FLEET STREET - Another retelling of Sweeney Todd. This is the film version of the musical which sees Depp singing his way through as the lead role. The musical aspect mixed with the dark story works really well and despite Depp's average attempt at singing, his acting is very good. Burton's bright colours on Gothic backgrounds also allow this film to flourish.

There you have 5 of their films to choose from. Let us know which you think is best.


  1. I did enjoy Sleepy Hallow but Edward Scissorhands is probably the better of the two.

  2. Yeah I think it is Edward Scissorhands for me too.