Saturday, December 29, 2012

In Cinemas This Weekend: Tom Cruise is Jack Reacher

I'm a bit behind this week on delivering you the new releases of the week. All the booze and turkey is making me lose track of the days. The films I am bringing to you then were actually released on Boxing Day and have been showing for a few days already. Well you do have a good week to see these films and if you have plenty of time in-between Christmas and the New Year then there are some decent ones for you to go and see.  None of them are particularly Christmassy but there is the usual Tom Cruise action flick that seems to be released at this time of year, and another is a family comedy that may remind you of some of the antics taking place within your family during this Holiday time. Anyway take a look at the few films out now that may keep you preoccupied whilst you take a well earned break. Merry Christmas.

1. Tom Cruise is JACK REACHER in the film adaptation of Lee Child's book One Shot. Reacher is former military turned homicide detective who is called on to a case involving five shootings carried out by a trained sniper. When the police make an arrest Reacher argues that he has been framed and sets out to track down the real killer which brings him to uncover an even bigger conspiracy. Also starring: Rosamund Pike, Richard Jenkins, & David Oyelowo. Have you done something wrong?

Jack Reacher trailer

2. Billy Crystal and Bette Midler play the parents of Marisa Tomei who needs a babysitter when she and her husband are called away in PARENTAL GUIDANCE. Call in the Grandparents who struggle to deal with the children's 21st Century antics and refuse to be disciplined by old-school methods. Expect a visual comedic film pitting an ageing Crystal against some feisty children. Also starring: Tom Everett Scott. Who will win the war?

Parental Guidance trailer

3. Finally is SAFETY NOT GUARANTEED which follows three magazine employees whose latest assignment is to interview a guy who has placed an advertisement looking for a companion for a time travel expedition. With the trio refusing to accept this time traveller's expedition as real they begin to question their own issues in life and try to right some of their wrongs which means this time traveller may come in handy. Starring: Aubrey Plaza, Mark Duplass, Jake Johnson, & Lauren Carlos. Want to travel through time?

Safety Not Guaranteed trailer

So there are your Holiday films to pick from. They all seem particularly mindless as no one wants to have to think too hard when they are full of Christmas goodies. You have action, comedy, and absurdity and I think whichever of these films you see you will quite enjoy it. Have a good New Year.


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