Friday, December 21, 2012

In Cinemas This Weekend: An unbelievable life story of man and animal

So we are at the last weekend before Christmas and two new films are being released for you to cram in before the day arrives. Neither of the films are Christmassy but you have one filmed on a large colourful scale and one a comedy based in the world of singing, and no they're not Christmas Carollers. Both of these films in a way could be inspiring which is exactly what you need on the build up to the festive season, if a boy's lonely journey in the wilderness or a freshman at college unveiling herself as a top singer doesn't make you feel good then your family may be in for a miserable Christmas. Anyway with that stress of Christmas nearly ready to leave you get yourself down to the movie theatre and start your festive break. Your new releases are below:

1. Revel in the remarkable story of a young boy who survives an incredible journey in LIFE OF PI. Whilst transporting their zoo across continents, a family strike disaster when their boat sinks with only their son, Pi , and a Bengal tiger being the only two survivors. Cast away the man and animal strike an unexpected connection that could ultimately keep Pi alive instead of being prey to the carnivorous animal. Beautiful cinematography means this is one to be seen on the big screen. Starring: Suraj Sharma, Irrfan Khan, Adil Hussain, & Ayush Tandon. Is inspiration what you need this Christmas?

Life Of Pi trailer

2. The other release is PITCH PERFECT, the story of a freshman at Barden University whose singing abilities cause her to be recruited by an all-girls singing group called The Bellas. With their new recruit bringing them much needed energy, The Bellas go head to head with their all-male rivals in a University Competition. Think Bridesmaids crossed with Step Up. Starring: Anna Kendrick, Brittany Snow, Rebel Wilson, & Skylar Astin. Can the girls beat the boys?

Pitch Perfect trailer

Doesn't seem like much for a Christmas release but they are two films that will attract a vast range of audience members, meaning a cinema isn't going to need to show much else. With The Hobbit in cinemas and Twilight and Skyfall still going strong the cinema is going to be filled with many films that many want to see. With Christmas round the corner then I will say Happy Holidays. I will be trying to continue my updates over the next week but I can't guarantee the extra stone I'm about to put on won't weigh me down. Have a good one.


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