Thursday, December 13, 2012

NEWS - Martin Sheen confirmed for The Amazing Spider-man 2; First trailer for Guillermo Del Toro's Pacific Rim

Many trailers have hit the web over the past week, all for films with Spring/Summer release dates next year. Despite them all being fairly anticipated films and starring some pretty big names, not one of them has been particularly raved about or cropped up in many news reports. You can find a whole host of new trailers on IMDB, so have a look on there if you wish to see them. I have though posted about one new film released next year that has had a rather cool trailer brought out so look below for that one, and I've also posted about a confirmed cast member for the sequel to Marc Webb's version of Spider-man.

Martin Sheen confirmed for The Amazing Spider-man 2

At the beginning of this week Martin Sheen officially announced his return to the new Spider-man franchise. In The Amazing Spider-man Sheen played Uncle Ben who, as you all know, is killed, causing Peter to become a superhero. Well if you haven't seen the new version it is still safe to know that you guys surely are aware that once again Uncle Ben is killed off in this origin story so that Peter can gather inspiration to fight crime. So with Sheen's character having already been killed off I presume we will be seeing him in some kind of flashback. Den Of Geek have Sheen quoting that he has been called back to the franchise and that the film begins shooting in February.

With this new version failing to really hit the sweet spot with me I am still struggling to really become enthused by this new version of the superhero character, despite some great cast members. Let's just hope that the other confirmed news of Jamie Foxx being cast to play Electro, can bring something fresh to proceedings.

First trailer for Guillermo Del Toro's Pacific Rim

This week there have been new trailers released for Oblivion, After Earth, The Lone Ranger, and Man Of Steel, but the one that seems to be attracting the most hype is the trailer for Del Toro's new film which pits Charlie Hunnam as a soldier controlling giant robots to take down a monster that has risen from the sea. Take a look at the it below:

Pacific Rim trailer

So what do you think? It is very different from what I expected of it, and it looks like a cross between Godzilla and Avatar. It does look rather cool and also boasts some strong British talent in Hunnam and Idris Elba. I think this has gathered more interest than other new trailer releases because of the status of Del Toro but I fail to see how this looks better than other movies coming out next year. It does look cool but it looks like it has the slight potential to be a bit of a CGI mess. Let's hope not though and instead add it to the ever growing list of anticipated films for next year. 2013 is going to be a fantastic year for movies. Pacific Rim hits UK theatres on 12th July 2013. 

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