Tuesday, December 4, 2012

New on DVD this week: The Dark Knight Rises

We have one big, no massive; momentous, amazing movie out on DVD this week. Currently it sits on top of my favourite of the year list, and is the only film to be given top marks. I'm usually rather harsh with my scores and this film is one of two I have given top marks to over the past two years (the other being Warrior). As well as this top film we have a reboot of a franchise, a four-qual, and an amazing cast joining together for one day!! Take a look at them below but there is only one you should be looking at.

Highly Recommended
THE DARK KNIGHT RISES - My top film of the year thus far. The final chapter of the trilogy sees Bruce Wayne 8 years after the finale of The Dark Knight. Distant and alone he craves to put on the suit again and after a mysterious cat burglar inadvertently leads the police to a masked criminal known as Bane, Mr Wayne seizes the chance but finds himself way out of his depth for the first time. 

The Dark Knight Rises trailer

THE BOURNE LEGACY - Bourne has been rebooted, or shall I say continued. It isn't so much as a sequel but a story that runs parallel to The Bourne Ultimatum. Jeremy Renner plays a super agent who is targeted, when Bourne's story goes global, due to the experimental drug programme that made him so tough. The government plan to destroy all traces of the operation which also involves a doctor who is Renner's only chance to survive.

The Bourne Legacy trailer

NEW YEAR'S EVE - An all star cast assemble for a look at many different interlocking stories that occur in New York as the ball is about to drop. Stars include Michelle Pfeiffer, Zac Efron, Robert De Niro, and Halle Berry.

New Year's Eve trailer

STEP UP 4: MIAMI HEAT - Another dance flick sequel to the Channing Tatum original. This time a wannabee professional dancer, Emily, moves to Miami and befriends a group who perform street dance; however their performances will soon be shut down as Emily's father plans to redevelop the neighbourhood.

 Step Up 4: Miami Heat trailer

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