Thursday, December 6, 2012

NEWS - Star Trek Into Darkness teaser poster and teaser trailer.

Over the past week or so I have noticed that Star Trek Into Darkness has started to gather some momentum in the marketing department. Firstly we had a teaser poster for the film and only this morning we have been gifted with a teaser trailer. Now many probably won't be that excited about this film because they are not 'trekkies' but I say pull you head out ya ass and see the version directed by J.J Abrams. I am not a fan of Star Trek but the 2009 version was one of my favourite films of that year and has wetted my appetite for this sequel. Trust me, watch that version and prepare for this one. Did I mention if will be starring Benedict Cumberbatch as the villain? Does that change anyone's minds? It should.

The poster then shows Cumberbatch's villain standing within the wreckage of destruction. Not much can really be taken from it other than he is seriously going to go to town on their world. I have read some online issues with people suggesting the poster rips of The Dark Knight Rises poster, with the crumbling buildings displaying the symbol of the hero but I say nonsense. Yes it may have been inspired by the Batman but let's be honest here, haven't many films begun to take some influence from the Nolan's version of the Bat. I think if you look closely in most films you will see a Nolan-esque influence. Regardless though I still think this poster looks seriously cool.

For the teaser trailer then look no further:

Star Trek Into Darkness teaser trailer

The trailer shows heavy emphasis on Cumberbatch's villain. We don't see too much of him in hand to hand but his devious monologue playing out over the top shows he will exude power over the Star Fleet, especially since everyone else is left speechless and to small cameos in the trailer. This teaser shows the villain for all his destructive glory although as of yet we still don't know who he is! The trailer is very frantic but still looks as action packed as the 2009 version. I am very excited about this film and to me it looks ace. A longer trailer is to be released on 17th December.

Oh and on the Total Film page it talks once again about Nolan's influence as the music sounds very much like Inception. Christopher Nolan's films have changed this industry by the looks of it so of course people will take influence, and besides the music for Inception and the poster for The Dark Knight Rises were excellent so it doesn't surprise me why people are willing to take a hint of inspiration. Anyway I don't care just enjoy this trailer for what it is; a sneak preview to a really bad ass villain. Oh wait didn't Nolan do that in Batman?!

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