Wednesday, December 19, 2012

QUESTION: Who would be your favourite 'Guardian'?

Rise Of The Guardians got me back thinking in the ways I did as a child, especially towards the mythical characters that lead the movie. I remember the days when I believed in the Tooth Fairy and Santa Claus and I really think the movie established these characters in a new light for children today. It really was great to see these characters interpreted differently to what we normally expect. We have seen plenty of movies involving Santa but none that team him with imaginary personnel who have mythical origin stories like he does. This is what made Rise Of The Guardians so fun, and why it will have children in awe of the spectacle. What I want to ask then is which one of the 'Guardians' is your favourite? The one you believed in most as a child? The one you wished was real even now? Which is the one you will convince your children is true?

1. EASTER BUNNY - The animal who brings the joy, and chocolate eggs, to Easter. Hiding them in your garden the Easter Bunny will continue to watch as you rummage through the outdoors in search of the colourful eggs he had left for you to collect.

2. JACK FROST - Was never so much a person as an expression, but Rise Of The Guardians may have people thinking differently. Jack Frost is the term used when it is bitterly cold outside and you wrap yourself up warm in the hope that the frost doesn't get you. For adults he may be a pain but for children nothing makes you happier than a garden full of snow.

3. SANDMAN - The creator of dreams, the Sandman will infiltrate your mind and release wonderful thoughts of wonder and hope that you dream about until you wake the next day. The Sandman keeps your imagination alive.

4. SANTA CLAUS - The most famous out the lot. Wearing a big red coat and a fluffy white beard, Santa travels the world in his sleigh on Christmas Eve delivering presents under people's Christmas trees, as long as you've been good of course.

5. TOOTH FAIRY - When those baby teeth fall out, stick it under your pillow and in the morning you will find a gold coin. Why? The Tooth Fairy that's why. She enters your room and replaces the tooth with gold so she can keep it for something to remember you by.

According to the film these are the five 'Guardians' who protect children's imaginations across the globe from the notorious Bogeyman. I remember believing in the Tooth Fairy and Easter Bunny and hearing the term Jack Frost but it wasn't until the film Halloween that I had ever really heard of the Sandman. Strange film to get you thinking about dreams I know. And Santa Claus, well I'm still a believer.


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