Friday, February 3, 2012

In Cinemas This Weekend: Teenage boys with super powers, something's bound to go wrong.

There are 7 films released this weekend across the UK. Have a read and see what you think sounds good. If you ask me a lot of good films released this weekend. I'll tell you what I saw on Monday.

1. Teenage boys gather super powers which brings out the darker side in all of them. In CHRONICLE see how they gained their powers and what made them turn from good to perhaps evil. A relatively unknown cast in what looks like a fun, original movie. Starring: Michael B. Jordan, Michael Kelly, Alex Russell and Dane DeHaan. Want to see what super power you would want?

2. An all star cast step forward due to the MAN ON A LEDGE. Sam Worthington is this man who is causing the perfect distraction for a heist across the street. Expect twists and turns, the trailer looks exciting. Also starring: Elizabeth Banks, Jamie Bell & Anthony Mackie. Want to see if he jumps?

3. Dwayne Johnson aka The Rock takes us to what could be described as paradise in JOURNEY 2: THE MYSTERIOUS ISLAND but is it as great as it first seems. In a quest to find Michael Caine they stumble across giant lizards and must find a way back home. Also starring: Josh Hutcherson and Luiz Guzman. CGI giant lizards sound good to you?

4. Roman Polanski brings us a film of two sets of parents arguing in CARNAGE. The premise seems dull, four people arguing across a lounge over a fight between their sons. I'm pretty sure the brilliant cast can make it worth a watch. Starring: Jodie Foster, Kate Winslett, Christoph Waltz and John C. Reilly. Want to see a good row?

5. Adam Sandler is back on the screen and in JACK & JILL. We don't only get him once but twice as he plays his sister who comes to visit. A cameo from Al Pacino might persuade us. Also starring: Katie Holmes & Elodie Tougne. A double douse of Adam Sandler? Anyone?

6. Never want to grow up? In YOUNG ADULT Charlize Theron does not. Travelling back to her home town she plans to start a romance with old flame Patrick Wilson despite him being happily married. Also starring: Patton Oswalt & Elizabeth Reaser. An old child sound fun?

7. Finally we have the youngest Olsen sister, Elizabeth Olsen in MARTHA MARCY MAY MARLENE, in which she plays a girl who attempts to get on with life after fleeing an abusive cult. Also starring: Sarah Paulson, John Hawkes & Christopher Abbott. Something dark for the weekend?

So a lot of films out to go and see. Head out take a look at one or two or three. Lots on and each one looks interesting, except perhaps Jack and Jill! I'll let you know what I saw on Monday.

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  1. I agree Kriss, Teenagers? Superpowers? I see a frieght train of a film; smackin into the bin of the box office- The story will be generic I bet, too predicatble. I'm looking forward to woman in black, it'll be a intersting point to review Daniel Radcliffe in a role outside of well kinda of obvious that one lol