Friday, February 24, 2012

TWILIGHT movie review


Starring: Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson, Billy Burke, Sarah Clarke.

Running time: 122 minutes

Year: 2008

Directed By: Catherine Hardwicke.

Written By: Melissa Rosenberg.

Everyone has a different take on movies. Some people will think one film is miles better than what someone else thinks of it. Twilight however seems to fall into a different category all together, where most will despise it and anyone female and in their teenage years will absolutely love it. A teenage girl could watch a classic love story, such as Casablanca and find it utterly boring, but with Twilight they are enthralled beyond belief. Now is that the story or the actors? I know the answer to this but it is one hundred percent the wrong choice. The story is by far better than the actors.

This film isn't a great film by any means but the story is slightly intriguing. Bella (Stewart) has moved to her Father's house in a place called Forks, the wettest place on the continent of the U.S. On her first day at her new school she becomes curious towards the pale faced, good looking weirdo in Edward Cullen (Pattinson). From there an infatuation starts from both parties. Throughout the opening half an hour we get lots of smouldering looks in the other ones direction.

As the infatuation continues, Edward beings to warn Bella that he is dangerous and that she should stay well away, but she has already began to fall in love with him and refuses to leave him alone. After spending long periods with each other, Edward feels enough trust to let her into his little secret: he is in fact a vampire. The signs were already in place, he is ghostly white, has shiny eyes and is cold to touch, however sunlight doesn't seem to harm him here and instead makes him glisten like diamonds, which is slightly weird considering people believe vampires to be burnt in sun light. Obviously this is a different type of vampire.

Edward explains that his family are 'vegetarians' and don't eat humans but other vampires out there do, so she must be aware of what she is getting herself into. Her acceptance into his life quickly turns to regret though when a dangerous trio of vampires smell her scent and one makes it his challenge to have her, causing Edward to do all he can to save her.

The story is quite interesting. We usually see vampires as evil creatures and here we get a different take on it, although he does state that in fact he is the 'bad guy'. It is different to see a vampires different kind of struggle. What happens if they fall in love with the creature they intend to eat? It is kind of a mix of Romeo and Juliet with bestiality really. Coming away from something not in tone with the film, it is good to see a different side to a creature we are supposed to be frightened of and how love allows someone to take the risk of getting into a relationship with a vampire. The story is nice but now to the rest.

The dialogue is poor. At times it is worse than poor. It is as if it is lifted straight from a source which is known to be expositional. Film is supposed to be visual and at times the dialogue explains too much. It also can become a little dull where we spend a lot of the time listening to Bella and Edward talking. The dialogue at the beginning of their relationship is slightly laughable and makes you wonder how they even fell for each other. At times as well the film seems to be very set up, like the line of dialogue is telling us that in a minute something is going to happen. In the part of the film when complications should arrive we get Edward look in a direction and state, 'there is a complication'. This is just cringe worthy. It tells us too much. The acting as well is not great. Stewart is possibly better than Pattinson here but it is obvious they were cast on their looks and suitability together as opposed to their acting abilities. They do look good together but it isn't really enough to believe the characters.

To be fair the film isn't the worst. Many completely slate it, which I can understand why, but I don't think it is quite that bad. I did enjoy parts of it, mainly the story side, but some of the filmmaking and acting let it down. By all accounts this is the best one of the entire saga and if that is the case they can only get worse from here.

2.5 / 5


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