Wednesday, February 8, 2012

QUESTION: What is Liam Neeson's best movie?

Liam Neeson has done some great films in his time. Recently he has become more of an action hero compared to when he first started his career, and know he is billed as an action star as opposed to any other. Granted at the moment he does seem to be playing the same sort of hero but he is so damn good at it!

So what is his best film? I've listed 5 below that I think are top candidates but let me know if you think otherwise.

BATMAN BEGINS - He plays against type in this one, and he and the film are brilliant.

        GANGS OF NEW YORK - More of a supporting character here playing a priest, but he is just as good as the main cast.

SCHINDLER'S LIST - One of his first lead roles where he aims to save the Jews from the concentration camps. Great watch.

TAKEN - Here he is the devoted Father hell bent on finding his kidnapped daughter and causing mayhem and destruction on the way. A sequel to be released late this year.

UNKNOWN - A little like Taken but still good fun. He plays a man whose wife forgets who he is and has replaced someone with his identity.

What do you think?

He is also due out in cinemas this year in The Grey (already out), Battleships, The Dark Knight Rises (rumoured) and an Untitled Taken Sequel.

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  1. Can't beat old ones like The Mission, Suspect and A Prayer for the dying, but love Schindlers List, Gangs of New York, Chronicles Of Narnia, Batman Begins you can't beat Taken and Unknown for far fetched action greatness though.