Monday, February 13, 2012

MAN ON A LEDGE - I wish he had just jumped off!!

This week we plumped for yet another film that was released a few weeks back. Reasons being that there is not much out there at the moment that is really tickling our fancy. The Muppets are fun at Christmas and Daniel Radcliffe isn't good any time so The Woman In Black is an unsure venture. So we decided lets have a look at the enigma that is Man On A Ledge.

This is exactly what is says it is. A man is on a ledge and we all have to watch him threaten to jump. The twist however is that across the street his brother and girlfriend are breaking into a high-tech vault to steal a diamond, that this man on the ledge was framed to have stolen years before. Now it is pay back. The premise is a little unoriginal and a little tired, and that is the huge problem with this film. We have seen it all before but in different circumstances.

One thing that cheesed me off was the corny dialogue. People were interacting in ways not even animals would if they could speak. It was ridiculous. The chemistry and dialogue between Jamie Bell and Genesis Rodriguez was completely non-existent, and the attempted humour in these scenes was cringe worthy. I normally have a little respect for Jamie Bell, but I'm sorry mate in this film you are utter garbage. Rodriguez is not much better but most men will like it as she does strip down to her underwear. No real reason to show this than to other keep the male audience members interested. Sam Worthington is the man on a ledge, and again I don't normally mind him. However here he does little more than stand on a ledge. Elizabeth Banks was average but seemed very wrong for the role. Also Ed Harris looks ill and has very little screen time for a baddie.

The whole story is a complicated mess, which I think is trying to be far too clever. The ending is so fast that it becomes a jumbled mess and people act completely out of character. Then the twist ending just makes no logical sense what so ever. Another plot issue is the fact that Jamie Bell and Genesis Rodriguez manage to infiltrate an unbreakable safe with ease. I didn't know he had a back round in working at MI6. The whole plot is a little bit of a joke.

Many will like this film cause if I'm honest, it is enjoyable. It is a good way to kick back and watch 90 minutes of sheer action, with corny dialogue and silly plot details. I came out the theatre asking myself  two questions, 1. Did I enjoy it? Yes. 2. Was it a good film? No. Take from that what you will.

Pros: It's a bit of fun and some good high angle shots from the ledge.

Cons: Silly plot, poor dialogue and bad acting.

5 / 10

Films of 2012 so far:

1. Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol     7 / 10
2. The Grey     7 / 10
3. Man On A Ledge     5 / 10
4. J. Edgar     4.5 / 10
5. The Iron Lady     4.5 / 10

6. Shame     4 / 10

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  1. I'm going to see The Muppets this week mate. It's got to be done. It actually looks like it could be a classic.