Wednesday, February 29, 2012

QUESTION: What is Denzel Washington's best film?

Tying in with Denzel Washington's latest film Safe House, I thought I'd put forward some choices for his best film. What do you guys think is his best film? I've put five up that I think are strong contenders but of course there are other good ones out there. Let us know what you think.

1. AMERICAN GANGSTER - Here he plays Frank Lucas who is a small time crook who grows into a big time gangster, importing drugs into the country from the far east.

2. INSIDE MAN - Playing a cop in this one where he is placed in charge of negotiating for hostages being held during a bank robbery. He looks very different in this film.

3. MAN ON FIRE - The mean Creasy is set loose here. A former alcoholic who is in charge of protecting a young girl, but when she goes missing he goes after revenge and all hell breaks loose.

4. TRAINING DAY - Alonzo Harris won Denzel a well deserved Oscar. In this he is a corrupt cop who is teaching his new partner his way of policing.

5. PHILADELPHIA - In Philadelphia he plays a homophobic lawyer who is put in charge of a law suit filed against a company for firing a man with aids.

There are 5 contenders but what is his best film? And what is his best performance?


  1. How can you not have The Hurricane in there or Malcolm X and Crimson Tide?

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  3. Accidentally deleted previous comment haha. Like it says these are just 5 I've put forward, you can shout out others like you have these were just 5 to get us started. He has done loads of great films I can't announce all of them!!