Tuesday, February 21, 2012

New on DVD this week: Warrior

Few movies out to buy and rent this week. I'm sure one will suit your fancy, we've got tension, horror, light hearted action and demons!! Have a look at what they are and have a watch of them. One this week was my film of 2011.

Highly Recommended
WARRIOR - Two brothers enter a mixed martial arts tournament to become the 'World's toughest man', with a $5 million prize at stake. The brothers must fight for the ultimate win but also to rebuild what has become a broken family. My film of 2011.

Warrior trailer

REAL STEEL - Rocky meets Robot Wars where in the future people build robots to compete in boxing fights. Hugh Jackman and his son build one from scrap metal and enter it as the underdog in the 'World's' biggest tournament.

Real Steel trailer

FRIGHT NIGHT - Anton Yelchin believes his new neighbour, Colin Farrell is a vampire after some recent disappearance's in the neighbourhood. Once he is proved right he must take the new neighbour down before he gets to him and his family.

Fright Night trailer

DON'T BE AFRAID OF THE DARK - A haunted house story with Guy Pearce and Katie Holmes moving into a new home with his daughter hearing strange voices there when she tries to sleep. Is the house trying to claim her as it's own?

 Don't Be Afraid Of The Dark trailer

DEMONS NEVER DIE - A group of teenagers forge a pact to kill themselves but when they all begin to die earlier than planned they realise a serial killer is using there plan as a reason to stay detected. Do they run or die?

Demons Never Die trailer

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