Wednesday, February 22, 2012

QUESTION: What is the best hand held camera movie?

With the release of Chronicle and the soon to be released The Devil Inside Me, I want to know what the best movie is that is shot on a hand held camera or camcorder. I've listed some below to choose from but also let us know if your favourite isn't on there. So what is your favourite hand held camera movie?

CLOVERFIELD - A giant godzilla like monster wrecks havoc on New York, interrupting a leaving party that was being filmed on a hand held camera.

PARANORMAL ACTIVITY - A camcorder set up in a house to explain spooky goings on at night.

QUARANTINE - A reporter and cameraman record a mystery virus contaminating people inside a block of flats. The american version of REC.

REC - Same as above but the original Spanish version.

THE BLAIR WITCH PROJECT - Three students document their venture in the words on a search for the Blair Witch. Is she real?

                                                                                                              What do you think?

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