Friday, July 20, 2012

In Cinemas This Weekend: The most anticipated film of the year has finally arrived.

This week sees the film we have all been waiting for finally released for the viewing public. The film is preparing to be so huge and has already sold out in standard multiplexes and IMAX cinemas. It has reportedly made over $25 million in pre-sales alone, now that is something. I have been looking forward to seeing the film so much that I booked tickets as soon as I could, and I still only managed to get tickets for a showing tomorrow morning in IMAX as it had already sold out. I have also been to the cinema this week to see a double bill of the first two movies also. This is pant wetting excitement. Have a look at which film I'm talking about below but if you don't know by now you must have been on a different planet for the last six months. I had heard that a couple other films are to be released also but upon research none of these are going to have a nationwide release so it is probably worth just telling you about the film that millions will be flocking to see this weekend.

1. That's right it is time for Christian Bale to don the bat suit once again in THE DARK KNIGHT RISES.  8 years after taking the fall for Two-Face's crimes Bruce Wayne is a shadow of the man he once was, that is until a terrorist leader known as Bane rides into Gotham demanding it turns to ashes. It may be time for Bruce to save Gotham once again, and could it be for the final time? Also starring: Michael Caine, Gary Oldman, & Tom Hardy. Want to see the epic conclusion?

The Dark Knight Rises trailer

Go see this film, it will be epic. I will be reviewing it on Monday so if you are unsure whether or not to see it come back and have a look at what I thought and see if it will help make up your mind.

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