Wednesday, July 11, 2012

QUESTION - Who is your favourite superhero?

With The Amazing Spider-man just being released, The Dark Knight Rises being released in two weeks, the build up towards Iron Man 3 and Man Of Steel, and the game changing Avengers Assemble I want to ask you all now; who is your favourite superhero? I will list 5 below, who are the main 5 I think of, but please feel free to add more in the comments as I'm sure there are many out there with a lot of love.

1. BATMAN - The caped crusader with the alter ego of a multi billionaire who can buy anything he wants to aid his pursuit on ridding Gotham city of any sort of crime.

2. CAPTAIN AMERICA - The super soldier transformed via a serum which aided America in winning the war, hailing Steve Rodgers as the ultimate soldier which all countries want.

3. IRON MAN - Tony Stark, another multi billionaire, is also a weapons builder and builds himself an iron suit which he wears when preventing any villain from threatening the world.

4. SPIDER-MAN - Peter Parker is the web slinger who is transformed into a human spider after being bitten by a super genetic one. Web throwing and spider sensing his way around New York, Spider-man does all he can to protect civilians and his love interest Mary Jane.

5. SUPERMAN - An alien like human with super human powers lands on Earth and hides himself behind alter ego Clark Kent, whilst he changes in telephone booths to stop anyone hell bent on causing destruction. All of this whilst falling for Lois Lane.

There are 5 top superheros who many will love but I'm sure there are more others love. I also forgot to mention another great superhero movie released last year; X Men First Class, a film involving many superheros. Anyway let me know in the comments below who is your favourite.

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