Wednesday, July 4, 2012

QUESTION: What is Anthony Mackie's best film?

I was looking through the films that have been released over the past two weeks and I saw that in Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter Anthony Mackie makes an appearance. When I contiinued to look into Anthony Mackie's career I was surprised to see how many films he has been in recently, and that he is in fact been in loads of films but perhaps as minor roles. He generally plays side characters but if you ask me he is generally also always very good. So for your question of the week I want to know what you think his best film is. Many might not know who he is but if you look him up you will be as surprised as me in seeing how many films he is in.

1. 8 MILE - In the story of Eminem's youth, Mackie plays his fiercest rival Papa Doc who he battles on and off the open mic circuit. This was his first major breakthrough role.

2. MILLION DOLLAR BABY - He only has a small role in Clint Eastwood's fantastic drama, but it is still pivotal and he nails it spot on.

3. REAL STEEL - Starring alongside Hugh Jackman as the organiser of the robotic boxing that is the future of fighting. He plays to what we expect of him here but the film is actually a pleasant watch.

4. THE ADJUSTMENT BUREAU - Matt Damon and Emily Blunt are a couple on the run from fate. Fate being a group of men wearing hats who keep things going according to plan. Mackie is one of these men.

5. THE HURT LOCKER - The film that won all the Oscars and actually put Mackie back on the scene, and in a much larger role. This may be his best performance as an army soldier but is it his best film?

There are five of his films that I think rank quite highly on his CV. Like I said look at some of his other films and you'll be surprised to see him in some of them. Let me know then which film you think is actually his best.

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