Thursday, July 26, 2012

NEWS - Russell Crowe on for Bill Hick's film.

This news headline may be slightly confusing as, like me, you may believe this means that Russell Crowe is to star in or play Bill Hicks in the biopic of Bill Hick's life, which is in pre-production. Instead of this the news is actually that he is set to direct it with the casting of the lead role still being undecided. This will be Crowe's directorial debut so let's hope it all goes well for him.

For those of you who are unaware Bill Hicks was an American Comedian and musician as well as a social critic. His comments and discussions were often seen as controversial, so much so that a feature film has been green lit for it. Now I don't know much more about this project, or much about Bill Hicks but I thought it was interesting to hear that another top Hollywood star is stepping over into the world of directing. Expect it to be a while before this film's release date is broadcast.

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