Thursday, July 5, 2012

NEWS - Tom Cruise kicks butt in Jack Reacher trailer

There has been a lot of recurring movie news this week but the one piece that kept surfacing was the news that the trailer for the next Tom Cruise flick has been released. The film is called Jack Reacher and Cruise plays the title character himself. Jack is a former cop who is hell bent on tracking down a sniper involved in a mass of killings. Not too much has been said on the film but the trailer does kick some serious ass. Have a look at it below:

Jack Reacher trailer

What did you think? I have to say I think it looks ace. Cruise isn't always known to put bums in cinema seats, but here he looks like he could change my opinion. The film does look a bit like a cross between Mission Impossible and a James Bond film but the final fight scene of the trailer proves that Cruise really could play the British spy.

Jack Reacher is released in the UK on 26th December of this year so keep an eye out for much more from this film in the next coming months.

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