Wednesday, July 25, 2012

QUESTION: What is the best Christopher Nolan film?

With The Dark Knight Rises being released last weekend, and my love for Christopher Nolan and the great vision he puts in front of us, I want to know what your favourite Nolan movie is. Now I can never make up my mind with this question and with his latest release it brings another film into the question. It is just too difficult to pick my favourite one. I've listed 5 of his films below (excluding  The Dark Knight Rises as not everyone has seen it, and Insomnia as to me it isn't in the top 5) and out of them I want to know what is his best. I do think Insomnia is a good film but it isn't in the same league as his others, that being said if it is still your favourite stick it in the comments below. Now tell me; what is your favourite Christopher Nolan movie?

1. MEMENTO - His first mainstream feature film which is told in reverse order about a man with a major case of short term memory loss. The story unfolds just how the character will be learning his story on his quest to find the man who raped and killed his wife.

2. BATMAN BEGINS - The re imagining of the Batman story. Here Nolan takes us back to the beginning and tells us how it is Bruce Wayne became Batman.

 3. THE PRESTIGE - A tale of two magicians who become enemies after a mysterious death. The two battle to become the better illusionist and ultimately reveal their masterful prestige.

4. THE DARK KNIGHT - Batman must face the Joker in the sequel to Batman Begins. A realistic take on a favourite Batman enemy who is hell bent on causing chaos in Gotham.

5. INCEPTION - A crime thriller set in your mind. A set of thieves break into a man's dreams in order to plant an idea in his head. Gravity and logic go amiss once in a dream and much of the same happens here.

All of these films are absolutely fantastic, as well as The Dark Knight Rises, and I really struggle to pick my favourite out these films so please tell me yours and I can see the wider picture of Nolan's influence.

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