Friday, July 6, 2012

In Cinemas This Weekend: The web slinger is back!

There are only three films released in cinemas ready for this weekend with the biggest out the three already having been released. This week we have a reboot of a film only released a decade ago, which although seems strange it still feels new and certainly looks good from the trailer. Also we have a documentary of a well known pop star and Willem Dafoe hunting Tasmanian tigers. Have a look at the films below to help you decide what to see this weekend.

1. First up is the reboot of Sam Raimi's Spiderman released only ten years ago. THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN sees Andrew Garfield take over as the red and blue spandex wearing, web making superhero. In this fresh take we see into the life of his parents and how their disappearance sent him on his destiny to one day fight his Father's work partner whose failed experiment has turned him into the Lizard. We may have seen it before but there is something about this one that is getting many excited. Also starring: Emma Stone, Rhys Ifans, & Irrfan Khan. Want to go back to the beginning?

The Amazing Spider-Man trailer

2. Next is a feature length documentary that follows one of the World's biggest pop stars at this moment in time. The film follows Katy Perry and is called KATY PERRY: PART OF ME. It is simply a follow of her life as she transforms to pop sensations and documents her endeavours on and off stage. Also starring: Shannon Woodward, Rachel Markarian, & Mia Moretti. Want to be a part of it?

Katy Perry: Part Of Me trailer

3. Finally is the Willem Dafoe film called THE HUNTER, in which he plays a hunter sent into the Tasmanian wilderness to find the last remaining Tasmanian tiger and bring it back for a mysterious biotech company. Also starring: Sam Neill, Morgana Davies, & Jacek Koman. Are you a hunter?

The Hunter trailer

There are you three for the weekend. Two of them do appeal to me but one of them is not playing in cinemas near me. Two weeks in a row now where my local multiplex has let me down with new indie films coming out. It should be obvious what I'll be seeing this weekend then as I have to say I'm not Katy Perry's biggest fan. Anyway enjoy whatever you see and I'll catch you on Monday where I'll review which film I saw.

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