Tuesday, July 24, 2012

New on DVD this week: Bel Ami

Only two films are released on DVD this weekend and I still wonder if it coincides with the major release in cinemas. I know not everything in the film world is geared around it but I find it very strange that other than this major film not much is actually being released in cinemas or on DVD. Anyway if you are not a Batman fan one of these two new releases may keep you company on a summer's evening.

BEL AMI - Robert Pattinson stars as a young soldier who finds himself in Paris with no money. In order to gain some wealth he charms his way around many of the wealthy women of the city and plays them off between one another.

Bel Ami trailer

WILD BILL - Bill is a Father who has been released from prison after 8 years and is unwilling to support his two boys after their Mother has abandoned them. On Bill's release from prison social services begin to sniff around the two boys, meaning the boys need to persuade him to be a Father to keep them out of care.

 Wild Bill trailer

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