Sunday, September 9, 2012

In Cinemas This Weekend: Hardy and LeBeouf are brothers who become outlaws.

This week there are 4 mainstream films released for all our viewing pleasures. We have yet another remake, although remake is probably the wrong word more like a reboot considering the first version was a Stallone abomination. We also have a film which was given high acclaim at some of the top film festivals, and we have yet another Adam Sandler film. Take a look at them below.

1. Tom Hardy is in yet another box office film in LAWLESS, where he and Shia LeBeouf are brothers during prohibition in Franklin County Virginia. Whilst here they are part of a bootlegging gang who supply locals and criminals with liquor, until a corrupt sleazy city detective in Guy Pearce attempts to shut them down. Expect blood and gore. Also starring: Jason Clarke. Who is really the bad guy?

Lawless trailer

2. The reboot of a famous comic book hero is next in DREDD; only this time instead of Stallone we have Karl Urban donning the famous helmet. In a futuristic city Dredd and his new apprentice must fight their way into a tower block to prevent a criminal supplying the city with a drug which allows people to view the world in slow motion. Also starring: Olivia Thirlby, Lena Headey, & Jason Cope. Who is the law?

Dredd trailer

3. Keira Knightley reunites with director Joe Wright for ANNA KARENINA. In the late 19th century, Anna is married to an upper class Jude Law, only to become infatuated by a young Count, Aaron Johnson. Despite being frowned upon Anna must choose between her boring husband who is the father of her child, or the man who reignites her flames. Also starring: Matthew Macfayden. Who will she choose?

Anna Karenina trailer

4. Finally we are given the pleasure to witness yet another Adam Sandler film. This next one is called THAT'S MY BOY and sees Adam play a young Father who turns up in his son's life just before his wedding. Having a child as a teenager doesn't seem like a good idea now. Also starring: Adam Samberg, Susan Sarandon, & Vanilla Ice.

That's My Boy trailer

There is your list for this week and I would have to say at least three of them are probably worth seeing. I won't mention which one is the one at the bottom of my list but I'm sure it is definitely obvious. Oh how I used to like Adam Sandler films. Anyway come back tomorrow for my review of this weekend's film.

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