Thursday, September 27, 2012

NEWS - Len Wiseman looking to direct The Mummy reboot.

Hot off the press of Total Recall, Len Wiseman has been given the opportunity to direct another reboot. The Mummy has been talked about for quite some time but nothing has ever really got the ball rolling on it till now. Many will argue, me included, that The Mummy doesn't need to be remade but then again neither did Total Recall. Perhaps Wiseman is fast becoming the guy to go to when it comes to rebooting, remaking, or redoing a film.

It can be argued that Total Recall is a remake as opposed to The Mummy which will be a reboot but I just hope Mr Wiseman doesn't make The Mummy a rehash like he has done with Total Recall. Sorry Len but it was a story that didn't need retelling. The Mummy is to be produced by Alex Kurtzman and Roberto Orci and they have stated that this will be a scarier, darker version of the villain we saw in the Brendan Frasier version; however it will still be family friendly. Uh-oh I smell another flop coming along. It is times like this when I wished studios would not do films again especially when there is no need. Perhaps Len Wiseman has a trick up his sleeve and perhaps he can show us something better but with Total Recall barely making audiences smile I fail to have much faith. Not much has been released on the potential release date but with a director becoming attached it won't be long before it all kicks in.

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