Wednesday, September 5, 2012

QUESTION: What is Arnold Schwarzenegger's cheesiest movie role?

Mr Schwarzenegger has taken on many cheesy film roles in his time. Whether it is coincidence that he got these roles or they were written in for him later is another thing but either way he is known for having some of the cheesiest lines in film memory. Due to him recently having been in The Expendables 2 and one of his older films being remade in Total Recall, I want to know what people think his cheesiest role has been. I have listed five below but please add more if you think there is one even cheesier!!

1. THE RUNNING MAN -Here he plays a convict who is put through the televised game show called The Running Man where he must avoid being killed by the games murderers all for the entertainment of the public. Cheesy line: (Once killed a murderer called Sub Zero) 'Killian, here's your sub-zero, now plain zero.'

2. TOTAL RECALL - Arnie plays Douglas Quaid who finds out he isn't the person he thinks he is and must go on the run from the people hunting him down for being someone he doesn't believe he is. Cheesy line: (After killing his double agent wife) 'Consider this a divorce.'

3. KINDERGARTEN COP - Now playing an undercover cop who poses as a kindergarten teacher in order to solve a big case. Cheesiest line: (After being asked what he does on a date) 'Well I'm not going to take her to dinner.'

4. JINGLE ALL THE WAY - As a Father he fights any other Father in order to get his hands on one of the last hottest toys that his son wants for Christmas. Cheesiest line: 'I'm not a pervert! I'm looking for my turbo man doll!'

5. BATMAN AND ROBIN - Arnie becomes the bat villain Mr Freeze and is given some of the cheesiest lines ever to hit theatres. If anything there are far too many to write here but one of them is when Batman turns up, 'Ice to see you.' Chilling!!

There are 5 roles to pick from for the cheesiest one Arnie has done, but believe me there are more out there. Write your vote below or the one that isn't there that you believe should be.

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