Thursday, September 20, 2012

NEWS - First trailer for Lincoln; New Hobbit trailer online.

The main news for this week comes in the form of two theatrical trailers for two potentially epic films. One is too be released at the end of this year and the other at the beginning of next year so not a long wait between the two. Have a look at both trailers below.

First trailer for Lincoln

Lincoln trailer

What did you make of that then? As you can see the film stars Daniel Day Lewis as Abraham Lincoln during the pivotal years of his Presidential reign when he fought to abolish slave labour. Lewis looks like he has a nice interpretation of the legend but I can't help but think of that God awful Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter whenever I watch this trailer. Lincoln's famous speech is used in both of the films and when I heard it in this trailer I expected a vampire to attack him!! This could be ruined before it has even hit the screens.

It also stars Tommy Lee Jones and Sally Field, and if you look close enough you catch a glimpse of Joseph Gordon Levitt who plays Abe's son. The film is directed by Steven Spielberg so I'm sure it will be in for some awards but I can't help but view the trailer and fail to become excited for it. Hopefully nearer the time this will move up my 'to watch list'.

New Hobbit trailer online

The Hobbit trailer

Now this trailer looks much more exciting I have to say. The film does look like it could be the beginning of the second nine hours of The Lord Of The Rings and lets just face it, it kind of is. All the same cast seem to be there only this time we exchange Frodo for Bilbo Baggins. Martin Freeman looks like he will be ace in this film. His stock has really risen since his brilliant portrayal of Dr John Watson in Sherlock.

The Hobbit is the first of these two to be released, coming to us on 14th December 2012. Expect packed cinemas that day. The film looks very epic and we should be prepared for a breath taking piece of cinema.

Two great directors (Spielberg and Jackson), two great casts, and two potentially great films to look forward to.

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